A Gryff Christmas Story

Once again we participated in the Corgi Bloggers Gift Exchange! Thank you so much to Sam and Finn for the lovely gifts. Both Gryff and I love them! We had to open the gifts early since we were going to be gone during Christmas, but Gryff loved it all the same. Have a look!



A gift for me?! Too considerate. Looks like Gryff is getting some cute-looking treats for his birthday in January!


Wonder what it could be..??


Beautiful card! Thank you Sam and Finn!


He wasn't feeling it at first...


Then he realized they were yummy bones to chew on...


We swear it's a bone. To help your teeth!


Still not 100%...


"...I'll allow it..."


He also got this adorable slingshot-piggy-type toy. It's so cute! It's been near his bed in our bedroom since he saw it ;)

Thank you again to Sam and Finn!! We are so grateful for the gifts and appreciate it so much! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and you all have a wonderful new year!!

14 thoughts on “A Gryff Christmas Story

  1. Aparna B. Post author

    Thanks Jamie! Hey a new, big cozy bed is always a great gift! I’m sure Marty appreciated it <3 :) Thank you for well wishes! I hope you and yours have a prosperous 2012!! <3

  2. Jamie

    Ha ha ha ha – from one crazy dog owner to another…. I love this post and I love the photos! All Marty got for Hanukkah/Christmas was a badly needed new bed but oh so big and cozy, he loves it! Wishing all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012! xo


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