A new blog is born

Welcome to notaleaf[dot]com.

I officially own this domain now! Ilovemonkeys[dot]com is no more. One of my friends was so incredibly nice to host my site for me and also buy me this as my birthday gift! I was pretty stoked – thanks Kat!! (^_^) The blog is the same, but I’ll try and update it more often than I used to and keep it interesting. I want to mostly be more adamant about posting recipes when I make something amazing, or try and post photos I’ve snapped (although that’s what my Flickr is for usually).

Gryff is in an extra clingy mood tonight. He apparently didn’t like me working on the new site for the majority of the night, or the fact that REB is playing video games. So he decided to take matters into his own paws and demand the attention he deserved:

IMG_9486Curious about the new page


IMG_9493Kind of hard to use the touch pad :-\

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