Currently loving…

….This nail polish color by Essie called Chinchilla:


…Tying my scarf a different way as often as possible thanks to my sister and this video!


…Project Runway nights with Amber each Thursday!


…Cooking! Cooking! Cooking!


…The fact I’m going to see Garbage on March 30! I have been wanting to see them since high school, so I can’t wait! Plus I’ll be in the company of three peeps who are also huge Garbage fans. Always a good thing.

…Two of my closest friends are excited and happy to announce that they’re having another girl due June 30! I’m so honored they asked me to photograph their announcement!



It’s going to be a ridiculously busy week for me, but check back soon for a yummy recipe! I also get a three day weekend which will be much needed after how busy this work week will be. I can’t wait to do some fun things to and around the house!

What are you currently loving?

8 thoughts on “Currently loving…

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    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Aww thank you!! If I’m ever in the ATL area and decide to be a creeper and visit you (lol) I’ll make sure to do a fun photoshoot with you and V. You two are such a gorgeous couple!

  3. Valerie

    I love your entries!!!!!!! Also kuddo’s to whomever came up the the color called chinchilla, because not only is it a rad shade but it has a rad name to boot!:) Still realing over how awesome you are for doing that announcement for me….and how perfect it turned out. You are epicly fabulous. Also this reminded me I need to get caught up on my DVR with project runway! Eep!:)

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I love that you used rad in this comment. You are way rad my friend <3 :) I am sooo glad to have done the photos for you! I always love taking photos of you and your hubs so it’s always fun! I can’t wait to do the maternity pics in the spring! You need to get that nail polish shade. I think it would look superb on you. AND YES. Get on that Project Runway catch up! So we can talk about it ;)


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