DIY #1 – Mason Jar Centerpiece

With the holidays here already, people are always looking for fun DIY decor ideas for holidays parties, fun crafts to do with family or kids.

Since we hosted Thanksgiving in our house, I wanted to have a cute centerpiece for our dining table (which was more like a buffet table for us). I have lots of mason jars at home, that we use as drinking glasses. Well, why not use them as centerpieces? Everyone is doing it these days so why not for the holidays?

All you need:
• Twine
• Scissors
• Mason jars
• Flowers or embellishments (using up scrapbooking embellishments is great for this!)
• Your favorite plants or flowers

The steps are super simple!
Cut a piece of twine almost a foot in length. Wrap the twine around the rim of the mason jar 3-5 times. Tie a bow then embellish! I used some fun Martha Stewart flowers I found in the craft aisle.

The last step is finding some flowers, fillers and arranging the bouquets. I went to Whole Foods and all their Gerbera daisies were on sale. So I picked up 6 bouquets all in different colors. I also picked some cranberry-looking-stem-flower things. And some green filler plants. My sister helped me cut the stems and create the little arrangements, and we put them into the jars! We very soon realized all 6 jars would not work on the table, so we put 3 on the table and 3 around the house: on each coffee table and our entrance table.

The possibilities of what you want to add in the mason jars is endless. You could also use old tea tins or mugs and pitchers would work too!

Happy Crafting!

Are there fun DIY projects you have lined up for the holidays?

6 thoughts on “DIY #1 – Mason Jar Centerpiece

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Yes! I love them. They look so happy and friendly. I love the ones with two colors in them :) I want to try more DIY Mason Jar recipes this holiday!


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