Friday Happenings


Happy Friday my lovely friends!!

I hope your week has been a good one and your weekend is even better!
I popped on over to Sarah’s blog (something I do every day along with so many other great blogs!) and saw an a-z survey and I just had to participate! I remember the craze of these things in the MySpace era and I haven’t done one in a long time, so why not now?

A is for age: I’m 28 years old. I like being 28. This past year has been one of the best years of my life, but I know 29  - which is just around the corner – and 30 will be even more awesome-o! I’ll have to make my “30 to accomplish before 30″ later on this year!

B is for breakfast today: I was bad and didn’t have my usual oatmeal. I did have my coffee – necessity. I had meetings all day at work so I just had a LUNA bar some time in the morning. It held me over until lunch, though!

C is for currently craving: Not a thing! I’m pretty satiated at the moment.

D is for dinner tonight: That depends what my sister will be making when I get to her place in Chicago tonight!

E is for favorite type of exercise: Interval & circuit training! I get bored so easily so I have to always make sure I’m changing things up to keep it fun. I also love walking the dog as a warm-up and cool down :)

F is for an irrational fear: I have three fears/phobias and I think they’re all legit: spiders, clowns and the dark. I think most people would say the one about clowns or the dark are the most irrational. I just don’t like how happy clowns look. It’s eerie and frightening. And I don’t like the dark. I have bad eyes as it is, so seeing things in the dark just makes my mind play more tricks on me!

G is for gross food: Hmm…I can’t really think of any at the moment! I used to hate mushrooms and olives but have since learned to love them. I guess a food I really don’t like eating is the bitter gourd. Look it up. It looks gross and tastes even worse.

H is for hometown: Hard to say when you’ve moved around your whole life! I was born in New Delhi, moved to America when I was 3 and have since lived in: Columbus OH; Pullman, WA; Houghton, MI; Oxford, MS and then Grand Blanc, MI.

I is for something important: Making sure the last words on the phone, or any time, when I speak to my husband is “I love you.”

J is for current favorite jam: Is it weird that I thought of food instead of music? My favorite food jam is any kind of preserves where you can see the seeds (raspberry especially – yum!) My current favorite music jam is Nine Inch Nails. They’re one of my favorite groups of all time (I love you, Trent Reznor!) and I’ve been on a bit of a kick lately.

K is for kids: I have a fur kid. He’s awkward, special and pretty rad.

L is for current location: Downtown Ann Arbor, MI!

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Had to buy more body mist/perfume. I looove Vicki’s Desire!

N is for something you need: Time. I always need more time.

O is for occupation: Quality Assurance Testing Engineer – that’s the fancy title anyway ;)

P is for pet peeve: I have so many my sister’s best friend once called them “Angercasts” instead of podcasts. I get highly irritated most with other drivers: USE YOUR SIGNAL, YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS, YIELD DOES NOT MEAN STOP and on and on.

Q is for a quote: “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” I don’t know what made me think of that just now – ha!

R is for random fact about you: My name means “not a leaf” or “without leaves” hence the blog name ;) oooooh – the more you know!

S is for favorite healthy snack: Good ‘ol raw almonds!

T is for favorite treat: Gelato!! Unique flavors like sea salt caramel, orange cardamom, anything with nuts!

U is for something that makes you unique: Despite having a pretty good English accent, I wasn’t born in America. I didn’t become an American citizen until I was 16 years old. I love everything about the U.S. but every day I think about what life would have been like if I had stayed in India…

V is for favorite vegetable: No way! I don’t think I could choose just one! I love them all! Mushrooms, asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, green beans, yum yum yum!

W is for today’s workout: Haven’t worked out yet today. Normally I’d be doing that when I get home, but I have a flight to catch this evening!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Teeth (of course) and chest. When I volunteered at the hospital in high school, we had to get TB tests. I screened positive for the skin test and had to get a chest x-ray. Everything was normal.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: I don’t know if it was a highlight, but we had a tornado come through about 10 miles west of Ann Arbor. The damage was horrible, but luckily no injuries! REB was stuck on the highway next to the funnel cloud:

I was holed up in our hallway apartment bathroom with the big-ass bird case and the dog. Not a fun evening, but glad we were all save! Plus, this photo was featured on the front page of!

Z is for your time zone: Eastern.

Well, there you have it. Now you know a little bit more about me. I won’t be around this weekend since I’ll be in Chicago spending the weekend with my sister! I’m so excited to see her and Diana from Veggie Next Door. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about when I get back!

What do your weekend plans include?  

6 thoughts on “Friday Happenings

  1. Valerie

    nice! I’m glad you posted this – it’s always fun to find out new little details about someone I already know so well <3 <3

  2. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    Great list, Aparna! I didn’t know your name translated to the name of your blog – very cool. Also, sounds like you and Mike have the same taste in music (though I totally thought of fruit preserves too when I saw the word ‘jam’). I’m glad you all were safe from the tornadoes. So cool that your photo got featured!!!


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