Green and White

I had the day off work yesterday, and so did my coworker and friend JP. Her and I had decided, during our flight home last Sunday, that we’d make a trip up to our alma mater to spend a day there. We stuck to our word and ventured out to Michigan State University – home. :)

I love that school. I didn’t grow up loving it since I moved around so much as a kid. So I never had the “I was destined to go there” attitude, but I knew I wanted to go there not only for their Journalism school, but because I knew how beautiful and wonderful that campus was.

It’s still just as beautiful. We did all the things we loved to do there when we were there for school. We ate at our favorite sushi place, Omi, had super strong Long Island Iced Teas from Peanut Barrel, bought some more t-shirts (I haven’t bought MSU t-shirts since my freshman year there, so they were looking kinda dingy and hole-y) and walked around campus. I had so much fun going back to the library, the stadium, Beaumont Tower, the chapel, walking along the Red Cedar River, going to the botanical garden and remembering all the fun times I had there.

Those memories can’t be touched either. That school will always have a special place in my heart. I’ll forever bleed green and white <3 :)

One thought on “Green and White

  1. Katie Kruth

    Looking at your pictures from MSU made me ever so nostalgic. I really miss it, and I can’t wait to go back for football tailgating this year! I’ll always bleed green and white too, not matter where my life takes me.


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