Gryffzilla – Destroyer of all Planets

It was bound to happen. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I wrote an entire blog post about my dog, Gryff. I know my friends and family must think I’m a total nut because I post 9383938 pictures of him a day and in two places for that matter. But to be honest, I don’t care. He’s my dog and he’s the very first dog I’ve ever owned. Consider it the whole “first child” thing, only not, because thinking about kids right now is creepy and weird.IMG_6491

My boyfriend and I are proud owners of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yes, that would be the kind of dog the Queen of England owns (only, she has about 16 more than I do). I love my dog. That part is more than true and the cool thing is, most everyone I meet loves my dog too (this makes me feel way rad, by the way). And why wouldn’t they? He’s the coolest little thing ever. He loves everyone he meets, and that is not an understatement. He’s earned himself the badge of worst watchdog in history because he’d lick an intruder to death before even thinking of hurting them. He doesn’t bark, howl or bite. He follows us around the apartment and can’t be away from us. He’s incredibly loyal and sleeps at our feet and licks our toes and hands. He eats when we feed him. He’s incredibly smart (graduated top of his puppy class haha) and is so obedient.


I remember back in March when REB and I decided to get a dog. I had basically been looking on Craig’s List for who knows how long for puppies that were for sale or being given away. We weren’t sure on the breed of dog we wanted, but I know that we both do have a love for Corgi’s. For both of us, it was after seeing this amazingly cute YouTube video. We had some drama of finding a puppy, but after the stress of pounds, dog rescues and talking to people about what dogs were more aggressive and whatever, we finally decided to look on Puppyfind for a puppy.


We saw several breeds, but always seemed to come back to look through the Corgi puppies. We finally went through a few Corgi puppies and thought maybe that’d be an ideal dog for us. They don’t get too big, we did live in apartment so the “running around” might be an issue since we didn’t have a yard, but we thought about the perks, contacted a few breeders and finally talked to one in TX who had two left in the litter. It was almost an impulse purchase, which we normally would never do, but something just felt right about it.

Fast forward to March 19. It was the day to pick him up. I’ll always remember this day. We had to pick him from the cargo pick-up at DTW and his flight was delayed. It was as if time was standing still before I could see the new puppy! But finally, he was “delivered” and I almost cried. The minute I saw him, I knew he was meant to be our puppy. He was so small, looked so scared and innocent. We had juggled with several names and finally settled on Gryff. It wasn’t that we picked it, it was the only name he looked up to so really, he picked his own name.


I’ve always wanted one a dog and now I have one. I never thought I’d want a dog that was small, had stubby little legs and was without a tail. But he brings so much happiness to us and everyone around him. He wants nothing more than to please humans, and I think that’s pretty admirable and noble of him. I’ve never had a pet that was so excited to see you come home that they’d come charging up to you to want pets and hugs because they love you so much. I feel really lucky to have a dog. In fact, I think we lucked out with a great one.


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