Gryffzilla then and now

I found some pictures of Gryff and me on my laptop that had been taken with the Mac cam. They were from early April when he was about 8 or 9 weeks old – not long after we got him. I took a few more photos with the Mac cam tonight. Gryffzilla will be 9 months on Oct. 17. They grow up so fast. Tear.

Photo 341Taken April 3. We had had Gryff for about a week at this point. So really, he was still about 8 or 9 weeks!

Photo 348Little paws and short snout are no more…but those ears? They’re still just as big. Some things never change :)

Photo 390Taken October 7, 2009. So regal and handsome!

Photo 394Loves to lounge with us :)

Photo 395I absolutely LOVE this dog. For serious.

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