I got the bleus

I might be one of the only people who doesn’t like bleu cheese. I mean, I don’t hate it, but I prefer other cheeses. Give me cheddar, mozzarella and gouda any day over the bleu. When I ate meat, I was the girl who dunked her Buffalo wings in ranch. Bleu cheese is just so pungent and sour-tasting. For some foodies, they can go on and on about how it “melts” and “crumbles” and the “tang” can be the element that makes the dish. Not for me.

I never could wrap my head around eating a food that has mold on it. When I was younger, my mom would put Mr. Yuck stickers (remember those? If not, this might jog your memory) on things I shouldn’t touch or eat. OK, maybe it was used for poison and not bleu cheese, but still. Maybe she should have put it on that cheese because it has mold on it…and mold is bad, right? Right?? I was told it was. Apparently not, though, because many people devour bleu cheese on a daily basis.

REB, B, JoP, and many other friends of mine looooove bleu cheese. I know for a lot of recipes melting it over meats or vegetables is the way to go. And yes, in the past I was lectured by my roommates on how Buffalo wings just aren’t the same unless eaten with bleu cheese. I may not be joining a 12-step program to accept this cheese, but I am trying to open my palate to it (in moderation, of course).

Yesterday I made a harvest salad (We call ‘em Michigan salads here) with field greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, raspberry or balsamic vinagrette and…bleu cheese. I ate the salad and when I was finished, looked down in my bowl and saw that I ate everything but the bleu cheese. There was a beautiful pile of them on the bottom of my bowl.

I made the same salad tonight….

And it was divine (not really a religious experience, but it was good). And look! Four little crumbles of bleu cheese are there, and I ate every single piece. I kind of cringed…but I still accepted it. Step 1, complete. Next foods to conquer: Portobello mushrooms and eating olives whole (I just can’t do it!)

One thought on “I got the bleus

  1. Brit


    Though, I don’t go near bleu cheese dressing with my buffalo wings, I don’t like anything but buffalo sauce on my wings :)


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