My Kitchen and I

One of my favorite bloggers, Lakshmi, tagged me in a recent post of hers where she answered several questions about being the chef in her own home kitchen! I loved these questions and love that I was tagged, so I thought I would answer them too.

Also, if you haven’t checked out her blog, The Rich Vegetarian, you need to. It’s amazing. She not only posts beautiful photos of food, she has healthy recipes, and she does reviews of places near her! Love that idea!

Here we go!

1. What are three favorite things in your fridge right now?
Does freezer count too? If so, then homemade mango pickle, an abundance of Greek yogurt and frozen veggie masala burgers a la Trader Joes!

2. What is the one thing you always have on hand?
Homemade garam masala. Doesn’t matter if I’m not cooking Indian food, I find a way to sneak it into most savory dishes I make.

3. What is one thing you never have?
That’s easy: meat.

4. If you could have an unlimited supply of anything, what would it be?
Probably Indian items: channa dal, rasam powder, garam masala, fresh ginger, curry leaves, etc.

5. What is your go-to market and what do you get there?
I have a few: Whole Foods: fresh produce, pre-made soups, herbs, breads and cheese; Trader Joes: Healthy snacking items [dried fruits, nuts, chips, etc.], frozen masala burgers, spices [saffron is so cheap there!]; Busch’s: A local store in the Michigan region, but they have flavors of Chobani other stores don’t have! I also love walking to the Farmers Market during my lunch break on Wednesdays when it’s nice out!

6. What ingredients are you currently loving?
Green chilies. I started buying a ton at the Indian grocery store since they are so much cheaper there [most produce is cheaper at an Indian store], and keeping some in the freezer so I always have them on hand! They add incredible spice without using chili powder, garam masala or cayenne pepper!

7. What is your favorite thing to whip up at home?
Honestly? Tacos or something Mexican-ish. It’s easy to make, keeps relatively warm or can be reheated easily on class nights for REB and they make for easy leftovers!

8. Any songs you like cooking to?
Not really. Sometimes I’ll leave an electronic mix on while cooking, but most of the time, the TV is on.

9. What are the best items to have on hand for a quick and easy dinner?
Tofu and quinoa. I can make an endless amount of different recipes with just those two ingredients and most are under 45 or 30 minutes!

10. What are you favorite kind of leftovers?
The kind that reheats well. While I love tofu dishes, a lot of times they don’t reheat well and the tofu becomes rubbery. So if we do make a recipe that uses tofu or tempeh, we always make just enough for 2 or 3 servings so we finish it that night. Usually my¬†favorite¬†leftovers are the soups I make!

11. Fill in the blank: If I’m cooking to impress I make _________:
Indian feast a la my mom’s recipes :)
Or my way righteous baked mac and cheese!

12. What’s your condiment of choice:
Sriracha and/or Franks Red Hot sauce

13. What is the strangest thing in your fridge at the moment?
Hmmm….I don’t think I have anything anyone would deem strange in there right now!

14. When a midnight snack attack strikes, what’s the plan?
White chocolate bark loaded with dried fruit and nuts. fruit (grapes, apples, etc.) OR I make nachos if I’m feeling super cray cray.

Thanks for tagging me, Lakshmi, and to keep the fun going I’m going to tag a few bloggesses I love!

Diana – Veggie Next Door
Sarah – Sararh Learns
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Have fun!

9 thoughts on “My Kitchen and I

  1. Nupur

    Good to know about you Kitchen Aparna. Wandered through Dixya’s Blog to your Page..Nice little space you have created :)

    Glad to be your follower :)

  2. Lakshmi

    Forgot to mention two precious items in the freezer – garam masala and chai masala, both ground by PJ’s mother in India. Btw, Trader Joe’s masala burgers are awesome; I love them too!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      YES! Storing spices in the freezer is a must :) Those burgers are so delicious! I love grilling them up, a piece of naan and using tamarind chutney instead of ketchup. Instant naanwich! So good :)

      1. Lakshmi

        Thinking of buying a grill.

        I follow @BarbecueFresh on Twitter; they post the most delicious-sounding meatless grill recipes. But I want one that I can use indoors. Any suggestions?


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