Northern Mitten

This how we Michiganders do it! It’s a blessing having your state be the shape of a hand. It’s easy to tell people where you’re from, and we already accept the weird looks we’re likely to receive because of this.

I’ll be MIA for the next week! REB and I are finally taking a long vacation to end the summer right. We’re heading up to beautiful northern Michigan with Gryff, Amber, her hubby and their two dogs and renting a cottage right on the lake! It’s going to be glorious. Plans include: the sand dunes, hiking, runs, bike rides, wine tasting (YES!), Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island and all around fun with friends.

I’ll be sure to give highlights when I’m back! But for now, I need to go through the two (yes, two!) lists I made to ensure I don’t forget anything. I thank Sarah for giving me the list-making bug ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Northern Mitten

  1. Bill E.

    If you like sweet whites, try Blackstar Farms’s Arcturos Late Harvest Reisling. It’s a fave in our household!


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