I got the coolest surprise today! REB had something delivered in the mail from Olivia Munn and I immediately called him asking what it was. He told me to open it and it was two autographed magazines! Various celebrities took part in My Mag and had a magazine made just for them and then mailed them out to their fans, signed. Olivia jumped on board and said she’d send signed magazines, and REB did this for me! He also got an autographed magazine when she was on Maxim for himself.

I adore Olivia Munn. Not a lot of people like her. Even she knows that people don’t like her. People have their issues with her saying she tries too hard to be awkward or whatever, but I completely disagree. She’s a nerd at heart, loves video games, loves her fans and the Olivia Munn Fan Group (OMFG), full supporter of E.B.B.G.A.S.F., is gorgeous and loves pie. What’s not to love? A lot of people think I’m weird and awkward, but that’s who I am, too! If you don’t like it, you can leave, kthx.

I could go on and on about how awesome she is, but it speaks for itself. She’s cool and I find it refreshing to know that there’s another nerd out there not afraid to be the way she is.

What I do know is that REB is the absolute best. He knows how incredibly nerdy I am about some things, just like Olivia, and I just love that he gets how nerdy I am. Hell, I get how nerdy he is. I got him an autographed photo of his two favorite characters from Battlestar. We are nerds at heart and in love. It’s a perfect fit.

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