Over the weekend

What a busy weekend I had! Here I thought March would end up being a busy-weekend month for me, but April is proving to be exactly the same.

I welcome it though! A lot happened over the weekend including being able to cross yet another thing on my list.

I ran my first 5K! Finally! A year in the training (and making!) and it’s finally done. I did the Rear Saver 5K on Belle Isle in Detroit – a race to prevent colon cancer. I’m not really big on the cause and whatever, so I mostly just ran it “just because.”. It was a really flat course and on the track of the old race track on Belle Isle. So it was a good first race for me!

My friend Kat and I got there bright and early to pick up our bibs and race packets.


Then it was time to stretch, warm up and line up for the race! My friend Kat is amazing. Throughout my “training” or weekly runs up until Saturday, I had been doing a 5 minute warm up brisk walk, then running and sometimes stopping to walk, until I reached the 3 mile mark. Yeah, Kat wasn’t letting me off the hook that easily. She said we’re running the whole thing, I couldn’t look at my Garmin at all, and she kept encouraging me, telling me I was kicking ass and doing awesome which kept me going strong!

She was my rock and I couldn’t have had the confidence to run the entire thing without her! She’s training for the half marathon in Pittsburgh in May, so I think she liked having this 5K as a simple run for her to get in over the weekend before her long distance running during the week in training. Either way, Thanks KAT!!

I ended up finishing the race in 38 minutes. Not the best, but I’ll take it. I had told myself that I wanted to finish it in 45 minutes, so seeing that number as I crossed the finish line only boosted my confidence! I had been averaging 40-42 minutes during my weekly runs, and that included the 5 minute warm up walk and cool down walk.


Maybe it was adrenaline, excitement, or the fact I never gave myself credit, but I was determined to run that entire damn thing and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to do another race. I officially have the running bug and want to just continue to improve! I have a goal to increase my distance to 3.25 miles this week and gradually work on increasing speed as well. I’ve set a new goal for myself to try to hit the 5 mile mark by mid-summer. I hope to do this before that, but I know me. I want to give myself time!

So after the race, we made the trek back to Ann Arbor and had a much deserved brunch at Cafe Zola. The rest of the day was spent chillaxing and taking a long nap (I hate getting up early on the weekend!) which got me all revved up for the evening of fun! My brother-in-law’s (REB’s brother) birthday was March 31 and we didn’t get to see him for it then. So we had planned to do a group dinner Saturday night so we could celebrate it.

Saturday night outfit

Saturday night outfit

We met up at an Indian place called Mirchi, which some of my coworkers had been to when they were under different management. It wasn’t bad food! The service is another story, but overall, the food wasn’t horrible. We all ordered Thali plates. Thali is basically a large platter that has small dishes on it with all different kinds of things: curries, yogurt, a dessert, rice, a lentil dish, a soup-ish dish, etc.. It’s really the best way to try a bunch of Indian food and curries (both south and north Indian) when there isn’t a buffet!


I barely made a dent int it. So much so that we still have leftovers. It was seriously more food than I ever needed, plus I had eaten the righteous Turkish Brunch at Zola’s earlier in the day. But in my book, having leftover Indian food is a total pile of win.

The night ended with Scary Movie Night at my friend Amber’s house (becoming a tradition) where I got introduced to the amazing Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. Truly a work a masterful art, lemme tell ya. Groovy, baby.

On Sunday before Sunday Funday and Game of Thrones night, Amber stopped over with one of her dogs and she and I took a long walk through our neighborhood with her dog and Gryff. Then we let them play in our backyard for a little bit.


I also uploaded a few sneak peek wedding photos on my photo FB page! Here are a few, but the rest you can find here!

All in all, it was a perfect weekend with beautiful sunny weather and fun! I have ended up with a cold, but it was well worth it. I already look forward to the fun this weekend will bring!

What did you do over the weekend?

15 thoughts on “Over the weekend

  1. Shefali

    Congratulations on the 5K! Way to go :)
    So longing for a good thali after seeing this pic.

    Loved the wedding pictures. This should surely be your full time profession.

  2. Lawyer Loves Lunch

    I am loving the outfit pictures! Yay for wearing Converse with just about everything :) I have transferred my love of Converse to both my boys (I got the Hubster and Little Man matching shoes because I’m crazy like that). Oh, and also, how talented are you? I am loving the wedding pictures. Fingers crossed for more professional gigs for you, you talented lady!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thanks friend! <3 that means a lot. And YES Converse are amazing. I never used to see the appeal, and then I bought some and they’re seriously my favorite shoes to wear. I need some in green and red and gray and every color really haha. I started taking pics of what I’m wearing because I realized I wasn’t dressing so frumpy anymore. PROOF!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thank youuu! <3 I can’t wait to run my next race!! I know I can improve from here :) And I can’t wait to shoot more weddings. it’s seriously some of the most fun I’ve had!

  3. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    Congrats on your first 5K!!! It’s been ages since I’ve run one and I’m hoping to dust my shoes off for one sometime this year.

    I’m jealous of your thali plates – those are my favorite!

    Oh, and I’ve recently become a Game of Thrones fan myself. It’s not my typical type of show, but surprisingly I like it. Mike and I watched the first two seasons in just a couple weeks and now I’m all caught up and am right in step with all the new episodes airing!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      That is awesome! I’m rather obsessed with the show. I’m also reading the books and I’m in Book 3 right now so I’m trying to read ahead so I don’t miss anything during the episodes ;) It is so unbelievably good! Glad you two are enjoying it as well! :)

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thank you so much! I had such a fun time photographing the wedding, but editing the photos after are just as fun! :) And thanks for the congrats! I had a blast running it! I’m already working on increasing my distance and hopefully my pace. Because face it, a 12 minute mile kind of depresses me lol

  4. Bill E.

    So much to comment on… Congrats on the race. The photos are super! But, you might need to re-tag the pictures of your Saturday night outfit as “manic pixie dream girl.”

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      And thanks!! I want to get faster, but I think I’d rather work on distance first. I know with more distance, I’ll increase pace!


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