Pumpkin Cat

I don’t know his real name, but we call him Pumpkin Cat. I don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl, but I assume it’s a boy.

He lives across the street. Well, he hangs out across the street.

Pumpkin Cat is actually a stray kitty and the woman across the street started taking care of him. That is, she leaves food, water, a blanket and has a covered litter box set up outside so it can have a place to hang out if it rains or snows, or gets cold. Pretty nice if you ask me.

He’s also really nice and didn’t mind while I stood just 2 feet from him, snapping away at his cute little frame.

…or maybe he wanted to eat me….

The Pumpkin Cat stance and stare.

The Pumpkin Cat does not approve of your photo.

I said….the Pumpkin Cat does not approve of your photo.

I love how poised these creatures are. Despite having some crazy lady making a clicking noise through that black thing attached to her eye, they maintain their concentration on more important things. …Like the chickadees chirping happily in the tree nearby.

Oh! I’ve been spotted…

This is what I love. The way kitties sit so poised and have their tails wrapped around their feeties. So freaking cute!!

Pumpkin Cat also has a smooshed in face. I’m not usually a fan of these types of cat. OK, I’m not really a fan of them at all. But when you have a nice cat like Pumpkin Cat, it’s kind of tolerable.

And like all kitties, Pumpkin Cat is meticulous about cleaning.

Such precision and technique…! I can’t even clean my house that way. Ugh.

Then I asked Pumpkin Cat if his cleaning escapade was good.

And that’s what he said to me. Apparently it made him tired.

Yeah, Pumpkin Cat is one of a kind and a very interesting creature.

Just remember one thing:

The Pumpkin Cat is always watching.

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