Resolution 2012

I’m going to follow the footsteps of my friend Amber and create a list of resolutions for myself. I don’t want to say resolutions because really, they’re more like goals I hope to attain.

But first, I had some pretty good moments and unforgettable memories of 2011! Here’s a recap of my year:

I got married in August. It was hands down one of the most amazing days of my life. Not only did I marry my best friend, but he was gracious enough to let us have an Indian ceremony because he knew how much it meant to me. I couldn’t ask for a better husband. He’s considerate, caring, loving, supportive and encouraging in everything I do. I’m excited for our adventures this year!
•I quit my job. It was something I had said I was going to do since December 2010: I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit. And I never did. I had my breaking point in December and somehow stayed there until August. While I enjoyed the travel, I was getting sick of it at the same time. I wanted to be home with my family and move forward with my life. I didn’t want to worry about having to leave before a holiday, miss out on family events on the weekend or anything else. It wasn’t a lifestyle I was comfortable with anymore and it was time to move on.
•I started a new job. On that same note, I started a new job. I got a job working in downtown Ann Arbor for a not-for-profit company and love it so far. After my first day of work, REB noticed I looked happier and seemed happier. My stress level went from full to virtually nothing. It’s been a nice change for sure :)
Friends. I made some incredible new friends this year. I also became closer with current friends and felt so honored to be part of their life events. At the same time I lost some friends, or at least felt like I did. It’s no one’s fault, but it became clear to me that not only had I changed, but they had too and maybe we were both better off.

So anyway, I always have a hard time coming up with resolutions because I almost never complete them. I’d like to change that this year and hopefully I will! Here we go:

1. Keep positive energy in, shoo negative energy out:
I had mentioned that this would be my #1 goal for 2012. It was something I felt was simple and something I should be able to do. But I have a feeling it’s easier said than done. I’m a pretty emotional person. I let things get to me and let emotions get in the way and it brings out the bad in me. And I hate that. I’d like to focus on being positive, calm and not getting overly worked up about stupid stuff. I also want to keep negative people out. I don’t need that kind of thing bringing me down, and don’t want to let it either. I’m sick of having to make an effort with people and not see it follow through. I just think that kind of thing brings me down more and it hurts and I don’t want to have to worry about that. So positive energy in, negative energy out! Maybe our country should make that resolution too.. [DEEP] lol…

2. Read 30 books.
So, I noticed Amber said she was going to read 50 books. I’d love to think I could do that. I do love to read. A lot. But I found myself using my camera more this year than picking up a book instead. So I’d like to try the book challenge but start with a goal that I might be able to do. Thirty books in 12 months. If I can’t do that, then I should probably re-take the 11th grade.

I’m going to start with the Game of Thrones series. REB got this from my sister for Christmas and we’ve both seen Season 1 on HBO (and impatiently waiting for April for Season 2 to begin!). I’d love to finish the series before April too. And if I do, I’m already four books into the goal!

3. Starting another Project 52.
I’m starting another Project 52 on Flickr! I did the Project 365 two years ago when I got my DSLR as a way to learn my camera. I’d like to think I learned it pretty well. Then last year, I participated in Project 52 with the MCP Actions blog. So this year, I’m doing my own Project 52. And the theme?

DANBO! I got a pair of Danbo’s from REB as part of my Christmas gift and I decided I’d do a year of Danbo. It’s not anything new. There are tons of people on Flickr who do this kind of project. I just figured I’d like to do it too as a change from the normal kind of project I’d do. I did my first photo yesterday, too! So I hope you all start following my Flickr photostream to see the photo each week! [Shameless plug]

4. MCP Actions Project 12.
While I do my own Project 52 this year, I’m also going to be participating in MCP Actions Blog’s Project 12. It’s a little easier than last year. Instead of doing a photo a week based on the theme they pick, it’s a photo a month. They give a theme at the beginning of each month and we all have a month to brain storm, get our photo and upload it! It should be fun and easier but also give us a chance to be really creative! If you want to participate, head on over to MCP Actions to check it out!

5. Continue my goal to that number.
I’ve been on the weight loss track since April of 2010 when REB and I made the decision to be healthier. While it was mostly for our wedding, I kind of fell off the wagon after our honeymoon. I took advantage of all the yummy foods in Europe and didn’t do anything about it when we came back home. So it’s back on track for Aparna! I still haven’t reached that number I have in mind, so here’s hoping I can make that happen this year!

I’m going to make sure I do it the healthy away again. Trying to lose 1 1/2 – 2 pounds per week. Keep track of what I’m eating, and keep the junk out!

There is no way I want to stay in this apartment for another year. We need a house. It’s a new chapter in our lives and I want more living space for it! Above all, we need a house with a yard so the four-legged one can have a place to run around freely. We want a house in Ann Arbor, too. We’re both very happy with our jobs and love living in Ann Arbor, being part of this little city. We could see ourselves being here for a least 5 years, so we’re ready to make the commitment to own! We’re so excited! We’ve already done our homework and now it’s time to start making this a reality. Who knows what will come with the house? A new puppy perhaps? :)

So there we have it! My goals for 2012. I hope I can at least tackle half of them. I want to stay calm and carry on! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday and New Year. Happy New Year to all of you! Here’s to 2012 and the adventures it will bring!

9 thoughts on “Resolution 2012

  1. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    Mike read the entire Game of Thrones series and couldn’t put it down. You’ll be more than 10% done with your goal in no time!

    I didn’t know you worked for a non-profit – that is so amazing! I’d love to hear more about your work – and let me know if there are ever any job openings there. One of my best friends just graduated with a Masters in Non-Profit mgmt & is planning to relocate to Michigan in the near future.

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thanks Diana!! I sure hope I can do all the goals :) I typed wrong. I meant to say I work for a not-for-profit company. It’s called ITHAKA/JSTOR – academic journals online for institutions! She can check out the site to see if it’s her type of thing!

  2. Amber

    Awesome! I know you can reach all of those goals – I still don’t think I’ll be able to reach 50 books for this year but whateva I’m still going to try.

    I’m going to try to do participate in that monthly photo project too and will definitely need your help. I’m so glad to have meet you this year! Here’s to becoming better friends in 2012 :)

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I’ll need your help with the books! I know of a few books on my list to read, but I’ll be looking at your blog for suggestions! I’m happy to help with photos any time chica! I love taking photos :) I’m so glad to have met you this year too! <3

  3. Becky

    Love the goals, can’t WAIT to see your photos. I like the idea of the 12 month project, I will have to check it out! Best to you in 2012!!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thanks!! Yes! Check out the MCP challenge. The 52 one was a lot of fun and this one sounds a little easier to complete!


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