Stuffed Crust Pizza

Made homemade pizza tonight. Have I mentioned how much I love to do this than ordering in? I mean, it’s so simple to make your own dough! Ah, the little things in life.

This time we opted out of making individual pizzas and just made a bigger one and saved the rest of the dough to be used another time (heads up: it keeps well for up to a month in the freezer!)

You can find the recipe we use to make our own homemade dough and pizza here. Instead of cutting the dough into six little pieces, we cut it in half and made one the halves pretty large and then cut the remaining chunk in half to make two little dough balls for later use.

The one thing we did differently? Made the pizza a little large and then took string cheese, cut them in half, put them along the outer edge of the pizza and folded the dough over. Ta-da. Stuffed crust pizza.

Yeah, I don’t need to go into how amazing and delicious it was. This recipe is a complete no brainer and works every time.

So again, it’s the same recipe found here but just use the string cheese (or any kind of cheese you like) to get a stuffed crust effect.

And yes, REB and I are still on the healthy track. We didn’t finish off the whole thing. All about portion control, people. ;-)

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