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Mikette Bistro and Bar

Both REB and I recently went to the new French bistro and bar on the north side of Ann Arbor called Mikette Bistro and Bar. It’s the third restaurant opened by owner-operator Adam Baru. He owns two other places both located next to each other in downtown Ann Arbor (on the same block as my office building actually!) called Mani Osteria (a wood fire pizza place) and Isalita (higher end Mexican street food). We have been to both Mani and Isalita, and I have to say, I think Mikette may get the higher vote from me!

This restaurant used to be the small cafe called Cafe Marie, which was known for its weekend brunch. I’m sad we never got to try it, but after more than 20 years, they closed their doors in 2015. Ann Arborites were curious as to what would go into that space, and were pleasantly surprised it would be this new French place!

Walking into Mikette, both REB and I felt like we were going to a brasserie or cafe like the ones we frequented in Paris. Given Adam apparently spent summers in France, it was pretty spot-on. The only big difference is that the places in Paris are tiny and tables are right next to each other since they try to pack as many people into it as possible. The “American” touch of having it be more of a place suited to fit Americans so you actually have room for your elbows, was nice. But the details! Ohhh the details!

The central area was lined with the giant red booth and then little bistro tables were set around around it. The bar was long and beautifully lit and actually crowded with folks seated there. They even had tall two-person booths along the window to the side. The ceiling is kept exposed for the most part, but there are giant French posters stuck up there so when you’re sitting you can look up and see a vintage fashion or entertainment French poster.

We could tell the menu had a southern France theme to it, since so many dishes features flavors of Procvence and there are even some Moroccan-influenced dishes. FullSizeRenderFrench food in general is actually a vegetarian’s worst nightmare. There isn’t a lot the French can offer people who don’t eat steak, chicken, or raw ham tartare (yes, we did see that while in Paris). We had a hard time during our honeymoon since we were getting sick of having eggs, goat cheese salads or bread for almost every meal – haha. However, we were surprised and happy with the options Mikette did have for us! REB figured out quickly that the left column of their small plates menu was all vegetarian-friendly and the right was all non-vegetarian. After perusing the menu for a few minutes, our server suggested we order several things since they would come out as they’re prepared. We decided to go with:

• Gougeres (goat cheese popovers)
• Pomme Frites (because obviously)
• Ratataouille
• Bread & Butter (because Zingermans)
• Omelette to split

I was so happy with our choices! The bread and butter we knew wouldn’t be a bread basket, but probably just a baguette with some salted creamed butter and it was just delicious! Honestly, I could have eaten more than they offered ;)

The popovers were a-ma-zing! The goat cheese and black pepper were bold flavors that didn’t clash! The dough was so soft and almost delicate that it felt like it melted when we’d bite into it.


I don’t think I need to go into detail about the French fries. They were cooked to perfection, crispy and the aioli that came with it was delicious. The star of the night for us was the ratatouille. It was served almost like a bruschetta! The Provencal flavors were so prominent, the tomatoes and vegetables roasted to perfection and were still juicy and when topped on the goat cheese crostini – I can’t tell you the magic that was happening. It was so, so good and I secretly wished we had ordered two I didn’t have to share with anyone.



Next up: the omelet. When it was originally served, one of the servers came by and said they noticed it looked to “herby” so they took it back in order for it to be prepared the proper way. I was actually shocked by this but so happy they did this for us! It was a pretty classic omelet, complete with French trifold, still soft and not overcooked and while we would have probably eaten the super heavy-on-the-herbs one, they get top marks for recognizing that and redoing it for us!

Our night ended with dessert: creme brulee for me and pot de chocolate for him as well as a kir royale to finish. I have to tell you: The French know how to do dessert and the folks at Mikette took that on pretty well. Both were so rich, decadent and I’m glad they were the serving size they were since it was so rich!


Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience: the staff was well informed, recommended some great things for us, offered tips when ordering and were friendly and attentive. The food was superb and the atmosphere wasn’t stuffy like some French places can be. We will absolutely be back here and we’ve been raving about it all weekend to friends in the hopes they too will go and enjoy!

So, well done Adam. Not only do have two successful restaurants in downtown Ann Arbor, but you’ve managed to create a pretty authentic French brasserie experience for residents too!

What about a restaurant impresses you the most?

Virtual Drinks – August Edition

Happy Friday, friends!

If we were having virtual drinks this evening, we’d be having them at Mikette, this new French bistro on the north side of Ann Arbor and I’d gush about how excited I was to try it finally! It’s owned and operated by the same people who own the fabulous wood fire pizza place on the same block as my office as well as the Mexican street food place next door. The husband-and-wife team are really bringing unique cuisine into Ann Arbor and I appreciate it immensely. Stay tuned for a review next week!

If we were having drinks this evening, I’d tell you how excited I am to go to Denver in two weeks to see Amber, her hubby and their two pups! By the time I visit her, it’ll only be a month since she’s moved from Ann Arbor, but it seriously feels like it’s been so much longer. It’s still odd to drive by her street and not want to pop over and say hi. I imagine I’ll be creepy and do that with the new owner of her house… ;)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.42.50 AM

I’m excited about Denver, though! It’s been a long time since I’ve been there so I know it’s changed. I have a friend from high school who lives there too so I’m hoping to maybe see her or have her meet up with us if it works out. Things on the agenda are trying to find all the fun, free things we can do! Did you know: The 13th stair on the capitol building is exactly 1 mile above sea level. PHOTO OPPORTUNITY. Other items on the agenda include going to Casa Bonita! I mean, how could you go to Denver and not go there?! Regardless, I’m so excited to see them and snuggle their dogs, hike the mountains and check out some cool breweries and restaurants!

If we were having drinks this evening, I’d tell my current music obsession is the new Carly Rae Jepsen album – Emotion Side B. It’s pretty fantastic and true CRJ electropop. There are some songs she sounds just like Madonna or Debbie Gibson. The synth is strong with this one. If you need something peppy, fun and upbeat for the weekend, play this one!

If we were having drinks this evening, I’d tell you I’m a lean, mean, reading machine this week. I’ve gone through two books and onto another that I’ll have finished tonight or tomorrow. I’ve really honed in on the whole “unplug” ritual at night and instead of being on my phone on social media in bed at night, I’m throwing that device aside and picking up a book for 1-2 hours before bed. Here are the two books I finished this week:


This book was a pretty intense psychological thriller. Not as great as every review made it out to be (in my opinion anyway), but it was gripping, at times incredibly disturbing and perverse and gave me some angry feels. It’s a quick read though – under 300 pages – so at least it didn’t drag on like some thrillers do!

I mean, people shouldn’t be so surprised that I read this book and finished it in a day. You throw the name “David Duchovny” on anything and my inner 15-year-old squeals in delight. This book was pretty good with some great dialogue and you can’t help but read it in the famous monotone voice at times! And don’t worry, it’s not super heavy on the baseball like the cover may have you think.

I also recently finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which honestly didn’t live up to the hype I was hoping for. You can read my review on Goodreads if you follow me on there, but I am glad I read it at the very least! Just lacked a little something for me. Maybe because you’re reading a screenplay and not a full-on descriptive novel? I don’t know… It was a little more mature than magical and maybe my expectations were expecting what I read when I read them 10 years ago!

And finally, if we were having drinks tonight, I’d tell you that you’d need to go home and start watching The Get Down on Netflix. It’s the new show created and directed by Baz Luhrman (genius behind Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and Great Gatsby) and it’s a-ma-zing. It takes place in the late 70s when hip-hop was starting to come out from the Bronx and Grandmaster Flash was becoming huge. It’s got the colorful-ness Baz offers in all his productions, it’s got great music, great beats and incredible cast and character development. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

Come back next week for more book reviews (hopefully) and a review of the French bistro. And always, shout out and thanks to Dixya for always hosting these fun, virtual drink posts!

What book are you currently reading or would recommend?

Obligatory Snow Post

Polar vortex. Arctic blast. COLD COLD COLD. I’m sure many of you have seen and heard about the ridiculous amount of snow and cold the Midwest and Northeast has received, but I am still in shock over all of it.

Snowmageddon, as we refer to it here in the Mitten State, happened two years ago in February and it was pretty bad (or so we thought). We got roughly 8-9 inches, and it was cold, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Then this year. This was the real Snowmageddon. Ever since early December, we’ve received snowfall with a fair amount of accumulations every weekend or so. Christmas we received a lot of snow (ice storm up by my parents), same goes for New Years, and now this past weekend.

Saturday I took full advantage of the sun and somewhat warm temperatures and took the dog on a much needed walk around the neighborhood. It’s a good thing I did, because the snow came later that night.


As you can see, the snow was still pretty deep for him even then. So then that afternoon into that evening, the whole winter storm advisories came through, the warning of cold temps headed our way during the week came in, and we just kind of shrugged and said “bring it.” …and oh, was it brought’n! I woke up on Sunday and couldn’t believe the amount of snow we had received and how much was still falling.



I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was pretty awful. REB and I shoveled three times together on Sunday. Since we have a corner lot, we’re also responsible for the sidewalk/easement that runs alongside our house and in front, so by the time we were done with all of that, we had to re-shovel the driveway because it had accumulated again. He even shoveled late that night around 11 once he was done working out!


We had already received emails about working from home on Monday, or having a snow day, so it was at least nice that we had another day at home.

Not when you have to shovel though. Again.


We have some wonderful neighbors with heavy duty snow blowers and they actually came through and cleared all the driveways in our cul de sac, and the sidewalks that run in front of and alongside the houses. Note to self: make cookies for said neighbors as a HUGE thank you. However, that didn’t stop REB and I from shoveling. Because of the wind and the temps dropping, we had a fair amount of drift, which blocked our garage door leading out to the backyard, so we had to shovel all that away and also shovel a path for the dog so he could actually get into the backyard to TCB. We appropriately named him Sir Stumpinton since watching him hop around in our yard with snow up to his neck, was pretty derp and cute.

So the final tally for Ann Arbor was 10-11 inches, but in some areas of our yard we had accumulations of up to 17 inches. My parents (1 hour north) got roughly 17 inches, which tops out the most in the Lower Peninsula for Michigan.



View from our driveway

And finally I had to take the obligatory picture of me next to one of those snowbanks.


The last time I took a picture with a snowbank as tall as me, was when my family and I lived in Houghton, MI in the UP. I was about 7 or 8 years old then. And believe me, being a kid in a blizzard/snowstorm situation is way more fun than having to deal with it as an adult. I think we’re supposed to get more snow this week, but because the temps are in the negatives (with wind chills at -42 or something ridiculous), we may not have as much accumulation. Here’s hoping!

So, I hope everyone stays safe and stays warm! And for those of you in warmer climates and states…send us some of that sunshine, will ya? :)


What a weekend

Remember when I was so ridiculously busy the month of March and had something going on every single weekend? It seems like May is about to become like that for me! However, I’m more in control of all the things happening this month, which is always better than just having things scheduled for you.

This past weekend flew by and it was so jam-packed busy, at times I felt like I couldn’t breathe! But it was also a super fun weekend!

On Friday I went over to my friend Amber’s house. Her hubby is in Oregon visiting his family, so she was on her own and wanted some company. I told her we should have a slumber party and that’s exactly what we did.

photo (2)


Things I learned:

  • Centipedes are absolutely disgusting and can be disposed of by: screaming, using a drumstick, continued screaming, a coaster, heavy objects and wishing a man was there to kill it instead.
  • A spider can be scared off by screaming
  • Bugs are gross. Full stop.
  • The Arbazons are quite possibly the most badass band around.
  • Only Geddy Lee can sing like Geddy Lee
  • Only Alanis Morrisette can sing like Alanis Morrisette
  • Rock Band and 2 1/2 bottles of wine produce some ridiculous Vine videos
  • I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for


On Saturday Amber made me pancakes. No joke. And they were legit pancakes. It was so very needed after the intoxicated night before and was just the thing I needed before a morning of shopping at Nordstrom Rack.


I’m officially in love with that store. I found the cutest pair of Enzo Angiolini nude pumps to help dress up my look for REB’s grandfather’s 89th birthday shin dig on Sunday!

photo (3)

I’m always iffy about pumps because I’m not a big heel person. However, these were not only comfortable but they made my usual chicken legs look kind of decent, which had me excited. The party was fun! I always love seeing REB’s family and catching up with everyone.

Other fun this weekend included photographing a high school senior! I was so glad the weather cooperated with us since we did all the photos outside in a park and then in the city. I was able to provide some accessories for the spunky 18-year-old gal, which she rocked completely. I started editing a few pictures over the weekend and seriously can’t wait to share them with all of you!!

All in all it was a super fun weekend and I’m ready for a busy week ahead! Hoping to get a lot of stuff done at work, clean the house, go on a few runs and bike rides, enjoy the sunshine, doing the Color Run this weekend, and spending Mother’s Day with mi madre!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! <3

What was the highlight of your weekend?



Lentil Chili


One my best friends, Allison, lives 752 miles away in Oxford, MS (home of Ole Miss, the Manning’s and my Rebels. Hotty Toddy!). She and I have been friends since we were 12 years old when training bras were a big deal, school supplies translated to Lisa Frank, three-way calling was the “in” thing,  and our crushes on boys only lasted one week.

I hate that she lives so far away! It’s pretty dumb. Then again, she probably thinks it’s pretty dumb I chose to live in a state shaped like a mitten where it gets colder than ever, while she gets to maintain a garden in February like it’s no big deal – pretty badass if you ask me.


The point is, she’s one of my rocks. I talk to her every. single. day. You heard that right.

Friends are essential. Especially ones you’ve known more than half your life. I was in her wedding, she was in mine. She’s heard me cry, I’ve heard her cry. She’s vented to me about what upsets her and I’ve vented to her (sometimes multiple times a day) about what’s bothering me.


One thing she and I definitely do is exchange recipes. We’re both big foodies and literally spend hours talking about food, coming up with recipes, giving each other tips or suggestions on how to alter a recipe, what flavors would work and more. We’ve even thought about starting a blog together. She’s all classic-southern-comfort-cooking-but-also-healthy-ethnic-dish (or feasts as I call ‘em) gal, and I’ve got the vegetarian-health-nut-freak-thing on my end. Together, our kitchens are unstoppable!

So this lentil chili was born as a result of one of our chats. It’s her lentil soup recipe and my vegetarian chili recipe. Together they’re married in soup harmony. Equal soup rights, y’all. Support it.


It turned out boss, and made enough to feed an army. And if I could, I’d fly her up here to eat it with me. Then we could laugh, eat good soup together, talk for hours and it wouldn’t seem like she’s 752 miles away.

Lentil Chili
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
My best friends lentil soup recipe combined with my vegetarian chili recipe. Together, it’s an unstoppable force of flavor.
Recipe type: Chili, Soups
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8-10
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • ½ cup red onion, chopped
  • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced
  • 1 cup carrot, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper chopped
  • 1 15-oz. can fire roasted diced tomato
  • 1 15-oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 15-oz. can dark kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 4½ cups unsalted vegetable stock
  • 1 cup brown lentils, picked through, rinsed and drained
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin powder
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • ½ cup frozen corn kernels
  • 1 15-oz. can peeled, crushed tomato
  • ½ cup meatless crumbles (Boca brand or similar)
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  1. Start by heating olive oil in a large stock pot.
  2. When heated, add onion and cook for 3-4 minutes until starting to soften.
  3. Then add garlic and cook for 1 minute.
  4. Next add carrot, green and red bell peppers and cook until peppers and carrot are tender, about 5-7 minutes.
  5. Add the drained beans and vegetable stock and cook another 10 minutes.
  6. Then add in the lentils, cover and let the soup come to simmer, another 8-10 minutes.
  7. Add your spices: cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes and also add in the frozen corn kernels. Give the whole soup a good stir.
  8. Finally add the crushed tomato, meatless crumbles, salt and pepper and stir well.
  9. Cover and bring to small bubble and then simmer 30-35 minutes.
  10. Top with your favorite garnishes and enjoy!


Good Bad Good


Happy Monday, friends! How was everyone’s weekend? I had quite the busy weekend and some of you may have seen the evidence of that from my Instagram, which was overflowing with pics all weekend long!

The weekend started out great by having Friday off to drive up to the northern mitten for a friend’s wedding. Me and Amber left early Friday morning (after a quick pitstop at Tarjay to get some accessories) and then made the 4 1/2 hour trip up to Charlevoix, MI!

The weather was anything but pretty: gray, gloomy and rainy. BUT with the right company, any road trip is fun. DJ Amber kept the tunes upbeat (and threw back to the 90s quite a bit – WIN!) and it made the drive enjoyable and fun. We reached Charlevoix, which is exactly what the photo says: quaint. It’s old money so the houses are lavish, there aren’t many people, and I think really, it’s where people from down state go visit over the summer. Regardless, it’s a cute town. We met up with two of Amber’s friends, who were also invited to the wedding (she and one of the girls work with the bride) and got a quick bite to eat. Then we set off to get ready for the big event!

We beautified ourselves while watching Ellen and sipping some woodsy vino, then did what every girl does: take 9374893 photos of each other and got to the hall via complimentary shuttle bus!

We met up with the other girls, who by the way, are two of the craziest  most fun girls ever! But they went to State, so it’s pretty much a given, right? ;)

The wedding was beautiful! Our friend Sarah looked absolutely stunning and the ceremony was short, simple and to the point: my kind of wedding! It was meaningful and you can tell all the cute details Sarah put into the entire day!

The reception was a lot of fun. Then again, any wedding with open bar is deemed fun in my book. The pair provided a photobooth, which ended up being our favorite thing to do after a few drinks were thrown back. But really, it was just a good time with fun girls dancing, drinking and seeing how happy the newly married couple were! <3 Gah, I get so emotional and giddy about weddings!

Congrats Sarah and Doug! We’re all so happy for you both and wish you endless years of love and happiness! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day! xoxo

So the next day, slightly hungover and filled up on coffee and carbs, we headed back to A2. We got home in time for the Michigan State-UM game at 3:30. I don’t need to go into details of this game. kthx.

It was, hands down, one of the worst games played on both teams parts.  Mostly, I want to forget it ever happened. This just isn’t Michigan State’s year and it shows. Badly. But the day wasn’t a total wash. I drowned my sorrows with a full DVR to catch up on: Project Runway finale, Top Model and the weekly Greys episode! Then I headed over to Amber and Richard’s to watch Insidious. The movie scared the living daylights out of me and re-affirmed my belief that I shouldn’t have kids.

The weekend ended on a good note, though. I bought a LivingSocial a while back for visiting a corn maze, hay ride and pumpkin patch near us, for two, for $9! So REB and I headed out to Dexter, MI to the Blast Corn Maze and had a fun little afternoon.

We finished the maze in about 15 minutes, using my nerdy hubby’s algorithm of “always go right”, picked up a few pumpkins for front-porch decor and also carving, and also saw some cute farm animals. We drove around A2 after that taking in the colors, and seeing some beautiful houses on the edge of town.

So the weekend was good, bad and then good again. I feel like I have another busy weekend coming up this weekend, but I’m hoping my weekends die down. I think I put too much on myself for the weekends and then end up feeling drained the whole week after…and before the NEXT weekend that comes. But at least they’ve been fun weekends!

Have you gotten pumpkins yet?
What are you favorite fall activities? 

Year of Bliss

There it is. The big O-N-E year anniversary!

After the busyness of the trip to Dallas, it was so nice to spend three wonderful days with REB celebrating our first anniversary.

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Where did the time go? It feels like it just whooshed on by us without a second look. So much has happened since then, and I’m so grateful for all of it!

We decided earlier in the year, after we bought our house, that the deed/title to our house was going to be our “paper” gift to each other. So we didn’t exchange gifts and instead, spent the entire weekend together, not taking calls from anyone or using our phones (except to upload some pics to share with you ;)) so he and I could really just focus on each other.

I was welcomed home from Dallas by the four-legged fur kid and then immediately had to do some work for a few hours. REB was nice enough to get us some Indian take out so I could work and not think about anything else. Delicious! I was also glad to be home in the land of 70-degree weather. The 104 crap I was having in Dallas was getting old.

On Saturday we just chilled at home, did some work around the house, ran a few errands, and enjoyed time on our deck drinking wine and reading.

We also did some photo-related projects for me, but I’ll write it up in another post. I will say that it might have something to do with how I made that sign you see there in the first picture ;)

On Sunday I booked REB and I couples massages at the same place I got my hurr did for the wedding (and where I go to get my hurr did all the time) and it was a-ma-zing. Our girls were so good at what they did and got all these knots out I didn’t even know I had! Note to self: book more massages!

After we were thoroughly relaxed and light headed, we chilled a bit at the spa and then headed downtown for brunch.

I had a LivingSocial coupon for brunch for two (plus two cocktails) at Grange Kitchen and Bar. We’ve never been here before but their brunch menu, and menu in general, is all about free range food, organically grown and then made for you!

I started my meal with a Michigan Mary (our version of a Bloody Mary) and we got some spicy fried chickpeas for the table. REB ordered the bourbon and bubbles (not pictured) for his cocktail…and my oh my…it was bourbon-y! I ordered the goat cheese omelet which comes with veggies and potatoes and sausage. Since we don’t eat meat, they gave me more veggies – delish! REB got a vegetarian hash that was so good! I ended the meal with a mimosa. By then, I was feeling pretty good, so we walked down to get some fro yo and walked around downtown taking in the beautiful day!

We had to get home though, because my friend Nick of Round Town Cupcakes (who did our wedding cupcakes),  was delivering our anniversary cake that afternoon! He had given us some cupcakes on our wedding day for us to freeze, but we kind of ate them during the week – whoops. So he agreed to make us a new cake: a giant cupcake, with a flavor not on their menu (but now is) and he even made it Indian-themed for us! It was PERFECT.

He and his mother always amaze me with their creations and designs. The cake was delicious by the way, but I think it’s easy to tell that it was ;) The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing, going on a long bike ride (hooray!) and me doing some much-needed laundry!

On our actual anniversary, Monday the 20th, we slept in (also much needed), cleaned a bit, and relaxed at home. We played with Gryff in the backyard, got ready for the work day. We got ready at night though to head downtown for our dinner reservation at The Earle. It’s this French/Italian restaurant in town that changes their menu every season and it’s just delicious. We ordered a bottle of wine, got some appetizers, ordered some dinner, had some dessert and even got a gift certificate for them for our anniversary – so sweet!

All in all, it was the perfect end to an all-too perfect weekend with my love. I can’t believe it’s been a year already, but it’s been a wonderful year!

From the wedding <3

I fell in love with a guy from my high school, who became my best friend, who understands me better than anyone and loves me for who I am. I feel like the luckiest girl and can’t wait to celebrate more anniversaries with him.

Married or not, how long have you been w/ your significant other?

Just like riding a bike


Question: how is it already Monday again?? This week is going to be the start of a very few busy weeks that I will have in August. There will be breaks here and there (Coldplay on Wednesday! Work conference in Dallas! Vacation w/ friends at the end of the month!)…but I have to make it through a few busy days and weeks before all that kind of fun can start!

In preparation for all the busy-ness that will soon ensue, I was adamant about having a fun weekend. And a fun weekend, I had! How about we take a moment to talk about it? :)

In the evening after work on Friday, I met Amber and got a much needed pedicure.

I wasn’t sure if a graphite color would look good on me since my skin is on the darker side, but I kind of dig it! I normally get greens and blues, so this was a fun change! Amber also introduced me to these flip flops…that I can’t remember the name of…but they’re so uber comfortable I’ve been wearing them all weekend. We got ‘em at Macy’s, that about all I do know.

She and I made plans to go to the farmers market on Saturday, so that’s exactly what we did. We got there about 8:30 and spent one good hour walking around the market, sipping on lattes and scoping out the goods.

We were both pretty hesitant since the crops weren’t super great this year due to the hot weather and lack of rain, but I was BLOWN. AWAY. by the spread at the market this weekend! You probably already saw the beauties on my Instagram, but here they are again!
I got some awesome loot and a bunch of sunflowers and spent less than $20! I got a whole box of bell peppers (about 5-6 peppers), box of mini heirloom tomatoes, a box of eggplant (three huge eggplant), a bunch of colorful carrots and two ears of sweet corn.

If you see in the picture, I saw some beautiful squash blossoms. I’ve only ever had squash blossoms once during a 7-course vegetarian meal with wine pairing at this restaurant in town, and one of the meals had squash blossoms. It was so delicious! However, I have no idea how to prepare them otherwise I would have bought them :(
If anyone has a recipe they can share, please do! I might go back to the farmers market this weekend and maybe I’ll pick up another box!

By the time I got home, it was about 10 a.m., and I noticed REB was also up! We took full advantage of the beautiful morning by going to a local park and doing a long walk with Gryff. We went to Nichols Arboretum. We go here a lot: the peony festival in May, letting the dog swim in Huron River, sitting in the open field reading, chilling, whatever!

An awesome pre-workout of running through the woods, up and down hills!

I say pre-workout because when we got home, the dog was pooped but REB and I were pumped with adrenaline. He went on a long bike ride (he’s hardcore cyclist man) and I decided to do Jillian Michaels and planks while he was gone.
I moved up in weights and my arms are totally feeling it. Oy!

But it was so totally worth it! I felt so much better after and was more than ready for the delicious dinner we were about to prepare! I prepped all our veggies while REB heated up the charcoal and got the grill ready. I made a quick bruschetta with the mini heirloom tomatoes and then sliced up the veggeis and gathered them together so they could grill, baby, grill!

It was such a beautiful evening, so we dined al fresco on the deck, enjoyed the breeze and the delicious dinner we prepared thanks to locals and mother Earth! /end hippy comment ;) Hey, no wait. I’m not sorry. I love this place! And I love the stuff that comes out of the ground. Shout out and props to the peeps who help make that happen. Buy local! /end plug

Since the vegetables didn’t provide enough protein (for our preference) we just plated them on top of some steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s (now an official staple in our fridge). It was perfect.

After dinner and cleaning up, REB really wanted ice cream. We don’t really have that kind of stuff in our house (I did buy some low-cal fruit and cream bars from TJ’s…but we weren’t feeling it), so we decided to walk up to the Dairy Queen and bring the dog for yet another long walk! But by the time we got up there, I didn’t want ice cream, so I walked across the street to Caribou Coffee to get myself a small vanilla northern lite latte (sugarfree, nonfat) and it totally hit the spot.

We had made plans to get up early to hit up another park in town to do another long walk…but when we got up, the dog was SUPER tired and wouldn’t move. We kept joking that we broke our dog, but he isn’t used to walking 5 miles a day, so we decided to give him a rest. We instead took advantage of the early morning to get some breakfast and run some errands before he went on a bike ride.

We went to a place near campus and the hospital called Angelo’s and it’s supposedly the best breakfast place in town and worth the wait. Well, there wasn’t a line out the door, which was a plus, and we hadn’t been there before we gave it a shot. REB and I are big breakfast people. We have brinner (breakfast for dinner) at least once a week, so we made a deal to try out the places in A2 that are known for good breakfast.

The one thing I can say about Angelo’s is that I’m glad they had some vegetarian options. When I want to splurge, I always get eggs florentine or vegetarian eggs benedict. So when I saw portobello benedict on the menu, I knew I had to give it a shot. I have to say….I was kind of disappointed. You can see from the picture that it was overly doused in the hollaindaise sauce. Once you scraped all that off, the ‘bella was flavorful and full of meatiness and the eggs were poached perfectly! Instead of using English muffin, they used some homemade wheat toast, but it was just too filling, I didn’t even finish the one half of it!

Needless to say, it was good…but we probably won’t ever go back. It wasn’t the best breakfast I’ve ever had and I don’t think it’d be worth waiting in line during the fall when they get really busy, just to get something from there. Glad we went, though! Another check off the list ;)

After breakfast, we ran by Trader Joe’s and  to the bike store and tried out a few bikes! I’ve been wanting a bike for a long time. REB is a road cyclist (I call him hardcore cyclist man Lance), and he rides 30-45 miles as often as he can. He really should do a race, but he doesn’t do it for that purpose. He does it to zone out, work out and enjoy the outdoors. I love it! So we checked out a few bikes for me. I quickly realized I didn’t want a road bike. While that’s his thing, I knew it probably wouldn’t be mine. So we looked at some hybrids for me.

Confession: I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 7 years old. Read: 22 years. I was scared to test some of the ones I did. But I did it…and I remembered how it! The saying is true! Learning to ride a bike again is just like riding a bike ;)

We figured out that a medium frame was good for me, but I need a very low step up and a seat that’s pretty low. I wasn’t comfortable using the pedals to push off and get going. I felt much better sitting on the seat, getting the feet adjusted on the pedals and then pushing off. Maybe that’s how my dad taught me to ride all those years ago?? Oh well. So next step: find a bike and purchase it!

We ended our Sunday with a delicious dinner of leftovers! We had roasted the corn the night before, shucked it and stored it in the fridge. I added some black beans, avocado, lime, red onion and peppers, s&p = easy peasy black bean and corn salsa! It was pretty delicious with some veggie & flaxseed tortilla chips from TJ’s!

For dinner we just took one of the loaves REB bought, sliced it in half, spread some herb goat cheese on half, layered leftover grilled veggies, then used the panini press to make a most delicious sammich!

Ended the night with the Olympics and getting ready for another week!
Like I said, a most relaxing weekend and just what I needed to get ready for the busy days ahead of me. Small goal: make it to Wednesday for the concert! Woo!

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

More Weekend Please


Hello hello!!

What a fun weekend I had last week. I will most definitely post the pictures and a post with the details from the fun weekend REB and I had in Chicago! I wish there was more of that weekend. I also think I had a little too much fun. Is that even possible though? Really? Probably not.

So for now, how about I give you a look at what I ate earlier this week?

Be sure to join the party at Jenn’s Blog over at Peas and Crayons to have some fun with us! And don’t forget the theme for June: Sensible Snacking!


And I can proudly say I have been snacking pretty well so far this month :)

This weeks pictures brought to you by Monday. Monday: You usually have a bad case of them lying around.

I broke my fast (a little Game of Thrones for ya :)) with my usual coffee with sugar free creamer and Splenda and also had a bagel thin with 1/2 serving of light garden veggie cream cheese.

Decided to change it up from the usual Nutrigrain bar and/or oatmeal and have some carbs and deliciousness for a change. It’s just what I needed to wake me up!

For my mid-morning snack, I WAS going to have yogurt, but my butter fingers decided it’d be more fun to drop it on the ground thereby making it a not-so-mid-morning snack. Troll.

I had a two hour meeting that went on during lunch on Monday. These types of meetings have their perks: the company usually orders in lunch. The con? It’s usually something kind of unhealthy, though probably delicious. They ordered some noodle bowls from Noodles & Co., but I opted to eat what I brought and get back on track from the uber fun weekend. Healthy choice, people!

I realized halfway through my lunch I forgot to snap a picture, so I apologize. I had a bagel thin with mustard and three slices of Peppered Tofurkey. I’ve never been a big tofurkey fan, but I do remember loving cajun or peppered turkey when I ate meat. So I decided to give this flavor a try, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how yummy it is! Good to have on hand to throw on sandwiches or salads! Alongside, I had 1/2 cup of low sodium, 2% cottage cheese and a whole lotta black pepper. Yum!

My afternoon snacks lately have been in the form of fruit.

Not just any fruit though.

I don’t know if it’s just a good season for them, or luck, but I keep getting the best-tasting bunches of grapes lately! They’re so crunchy, firm and pop in your mouth. So sweet and delicious! Thanks to Sarah, I’ve furthered the obsession by freezing them. Mind. Blown.

So for dinner on Monday, REB and I wanted some Thai food so we headed to Lotus Thai. I love this place. They have an entire section of the menu for vegetarian apps, soups and entrees! WIN. We weren’t terribly hungry and had furniture shopping on the agenda, so we decided to do something quick. We got some tofu spring rolls to start and then split an entree with brown rice.

But the real winner of the meal were the soups we got. I got the Tom yum poh tak tofu, which is this uber vegetarian spicy broth with tofu, lime, mushrooms, lemongrass and rhizome.

Holy hell. My lips were burning, it was so spicy! It was already spicy, but then I ordered the spice level to be medium, which probably not the best idea. Nonetheless: it was one of the most delicious soups I’ve had!

So there you have it: a look at eats from Monday!

As I said, I will have a post about the Chicago trip up soon! I mostly need time to download the images from the fancy cam to computer, edit photos, blah blah blah. Y’all know the drill.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!’

Do you like Thai food?
What’s your favorite thing to order?
Do you order it spicy? 

Domestication, Good Eats and Radiohead


Well hello there my lovelies! How is everyone’s week going?

Mine has been busy! And it’s only going to get busier. Of course, I’m never too busy to give you a peek at a week of eats!

As always, you can join the party at Jenn’s blog and have fun with all of us! The theme of this month is sensible snacking, and although I didn’t do that every day this past week, I did have some good snacking episodes!


But first! Here’s an update on the new hizzy! Over the weekend my brother- and sister-in-law came down to help REB and I move into the house! Since we had started moving some of our boxes, all that was really left was the furniture. We rented a U-Haul, had help from those two and we were done in a matter of two hours! It was a good thing REB and I actually got rid of a lot of our junk furniture so we can 1). not clutter the new house thereby allowing us to 2). buy new furniture to make it look nice! Is this what it means to be a grown up? (o_O)

We still have our apartment paid up until the end of the month – that’s when we have to turn in the keys – so for the time being we’re still cleaning it out and moving the last of the boxes over to the new place. We don’t have our washer/dryer over here yet either, so our apartment has become our laundromat for the next two weeks. Not a big deal since we moved within 5 miles of the old place. CONVENIENT.

I know I keep saying I’m going to post pictures of the new house, but honestly, the only part of the house that’s complete is the kitchen since that was unpacked first. We really need to buy some furniture and then maybe I’ll make a video to share with all of you! The fun part is looking at furniture and figuring out what kind of theme our house will have. REB likes modern/contemporary/traditional type decor and I’m more the French country or country-home traditional. Luckily when we both think of a home, we think of cozy and something that screams “us”. And so far, from the things we’ve picked out, I think we’ll accomplish that perfectly :)

Here’s the kitchen so far:

We’re not crazy about those cabinet door handles as I’ve mentioned before, so keeping with the French country/Country home feel, we’ll add some modern hardware to give it an updated look. Compromise peeps!

So we celebrated the first night in the house with a bottle of bubbly. I busted out our wedding flutes for the occasion. I love them so I find any excuse to use them. They’re Kate Spade and one says “Mr.” and the other “Mrs.”. Cute, right? :-D

Also, can I just express my love for Home Goods? I seem to be going in there all the time. Whether it be for cute dishes, things for the kitchen and now for the rest of the house! The best find over the weekend was the Alice in Wonderland teapot! One of the ears on the rabbit is broken, but that didn’t stop me. Anyone who knows me knows it’s a necessity ;)

Anyway! Now onto the food!

I finally bought a jar of Biscoff (creamy) and one of my breakfasts last week was putting that on a whole wheat English muffin with some sliced bananas. ZOMg. Delicious. A huge coffee to go with it too, of course. Then I put the rest of the banana on some oats with granola and chia! Yum!

And to keep with the monthly theme, let’s talk snacks!

Also not pictured: grapes, grapes and more grapes. They’re super tasty these days!

Martinis count as a snack right? How about olives? That counts, right? Right?? …Well we thought so. You can’t turn down a classic dirty martini (extra dirty) on a beautiful spring evening downtown. You just can’t!

Dinners included going to Jazzy Veggie: vegetarian crab cakes and their hoagie special. Zingermans Roadhouse: mac and cheese and donut sundae (hey, we needed a refuel after the move!). Then on Monday night we went to see Radiohead so we went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Stir Crazy Cafe, since we never head up that way that often. Tofu lettuce wraps and make-your-own stir fry…it’s better than any BD’s Mongolian BBQ could give!

So let’s talk about Radiohead. They haven’t been in Detroit in 15 YEARS. You’re reading that right. 15 years. So we had to go see them. It’s one of REB’s favorite groups and I while they aren’t my #1 favorite group, I know enough of their songs to appreciate what they do. Their show was a-ma-zing. It was probably one of the best shows I’ve been to. No joke! They played for like 2 1/2 hours straight (two encores too!) and had the coolest lights to go with the show. They also put a lot of electronic beats to their songs and remixed their songs in a way I’d never heard before. It made me love it even more!

The opening band was called Caribou from some where in Ontario, Canada. They were awesome!! I’ve been scouring the Interwebs to find their music. The entire night was just great. We didn’t get home until after 1 a.m…waaaay past my usual bed time and the lack of sleep and having to get up early for work did not mix with me very well. I was sporting some hot bags under my eyes all day Tuesday. Sexy.

Anyway I digress. This week is a busy one for me! I’m out the rest of the week starting Thursday. Heading to Chicago for my sister’s masters graduation!! So proud of her. So I’ll be in the Chi this weekend. Stay tuned next week for some pics and posts about that :) We have a fun weekend lined up to celebrate!

Hope the rest of you have a great Wednesday and great rest of the week!

What is one of, or the best, concert you’ve been to?