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Good Bad Good


Happy Monday, friends! How was everyone’s weekend? I had quite the busy weekend and some of you may have seen the evidence of that from my Instagram, which was overflowing with pics all weekend long!

The weekend started out great by having Friday off to drive up to the northern mitten for a friend’s wedding. Me and Amber left early Friday morning (after a quick pitstop at Tarjay to get some accessories) and then made the 4 1/2 hour trip up to Charlevoix, MI!

The weather was anything but pretty: gray, gloomy and rainy. BUT with the right company, any road trip is fun. DJ Amber kept the tunes upbeat (and threw back to the 90s quite a bit – WIN!) and it made the drive enjoyable and fun. We reached Charlevoix, which is exactly what the photo says: quaint. It’s old money so the houses are lavish, there aren’t many people, and I think really, it’s where people from down state go visit over the summer. Regardless, it’s a cute town. We met up with two of Amber’s friends, who were also invited to the wedding (she and one of the girls work with the bride) and got a quick bite to eat. Then we set off to get ready for the big event!

We beautified ourselves while watching Ellen and sipping some woodsy vino, then did what every girl does: take 9374893 photos of each other and got to the hall via complimentary shuttle bus!

We met up with the other girls, who by the way, are two of the craziest  most fun girls ever! But they went to State, so it’s pretty much a given, right? ;)

The wedding was beautiful! Our friend Sarah looked absolutely stunning and the ceremony was short, simple and to the point: my kind of wedding! It was meaningful and you can tell all the cute details Sarah put into the entire day!

The reception was a lot of fun. Then again, any wedding with open bar is deemed fun in my book. The pair provided a photobooth, which ended up being our favorite thing to do after a few drinks were thrown back. But really, it was just a good time with fun girls dancing, drinking and seeing how happy the newly married couple were! <3 Gah, I get so emotional and giddy about weddings!

Congrats Sarah and Doug! We’re all so happy for you both and wish you endless years of love and happiness! Thanks for letting me be part of your special day! xoxo

So the next day, slightly hungover and filled up on coffee and carbs, we headed back to A2. We got home in time for the Michigan State-UM game at 3:30. I don’t need to go into details of this game. kthx.

It was, hands down, one of the worst games played on both teams parts.  Mostly, I want to forget it ever happened. This just isn’t Michigan State’s year and it shows. Badly. But the day wasn’t a total wash. I drowned my sorrows with a full DVR to catch up on: Project Runway finale, Top Model and the weekly Greys episode! Then I headed over to Amber and Richard’s to watch Insidious. The movie scared the living daylights out of me and re-affirmed my belief that I shouldn’t have kids.

The weekend ended on a good note, though. I bought a LivingSocial a while back for visiting a corn maze, hay ride and pumpkin patch near us, for two, for $9! So REB and I headed out to Dexter, MI to the Blast Corn Maze and had a fun little afternoon.

We finished the maze in about 15 minutes, using my nerdy hubby’s algorithm of “always go right”, picked up a few pumpkins for front-porch decor and also carving, and also saw some cute farm animals. We drove around A2 after that taking in the colors, and seeing some beautiful houses on the edge of town.

So the weekend was good, bad and then good again. I feel like I have another busy weekend coming up this weekend, but I’m hoping my weekends die down. I think I put too much on myself for the weekends and then end up feeling drained the whole week after…and before the NEXT weekend that comes. But at least they’ve been fun weekends!

Have you gotten pumpkins yet?
What are you favorite fall activities?