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Gryff Turns Three!

My little puppyman turns three years old today! It’s so hard to believe this little 25-pound pile of cute is three years old. Seems like only yesterday we were picking him up from the airport and now he’s grown up into the most handsome, regal and loyal dog.

While we were at Whole Foods earlier tonight, we went to the butcher counter to buy some steak tips for him. The butcher asked us what we were deciding on and if he could help, so we told him we wanted to treat our dog to something yummy for his birthday. Instead, he went into the back and came back with a huge soup bone that still had marrow in it! No doubt Gryff will love this!

But when I got home, I decided to bake him some organic dog cookies. I found this recipe from Dog Treat Kitchen and it was seriously an idiot-proof recipe.

Here’s what you need:
•2 cups whole wheat flour (or any kind of flour your dog is OK to have)
•1 cup rolled oats
•1/3 cup peanut butter (creamy or crunchy. We used organic, crunchy pb because Gryff likes the crunchy peanuts!)
•1 1/4 cup hot water

Start by preheating your oven to 350°F
Then mix your dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add in the peanut butter and hot water. You might need to add more flour if it gets sticky. Honestly though, the dough came together quite nicely and was super easy to work with.

Roll out the dough until it’s about 1/4 inch thick. You can use a tiny bit of flour on your counter or board before you roll out the dough. Then cut out shapes! We used the bone cookie cutter we got from Sam and Finn from the Corgi Exchange this year!

Place the cut-out cookies onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake for 40 minutes or until hard. You really want to make sure these cook all the way through!

We only made one round of cut outs and then put the rest of the dough in the freezer. These cookies will keep fresh in an air tight container for a week, or you can freeze them for up to 6 months! I think he knew we were baking him some treats because he kept pacing around the living room wiggling his nose in the air.

I have never made any homemade treats for Gryff but these were relatively healthy and organic. He seemed to really enjoy them too. Happy birthday buddy! We love you!

Have you ever made homemade treats for your pet? Do you have a fool-proof recipe you rely on? Please share below if you do!

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A Gryff Christmas Story

Once again we participated in the Corgi Bloggers Gift Exchange! Thank you so much to Sam and Finn for the lovely gifts. Both Gryff and I love them! We had to open the gifts early since we were going to be gone during Christmas, but Gryff loved it all the same. Have a look!



A gift for me?! Too considerate. Looks like Gryff is getting some cute-looking treats for his birthday in January!


Wonder what it could be..??


Beautiful card! Thank you Sam and Finn!


He wasn't feeling it at first...


Then he realized they were yummy bones to chew on...


We swear it's a bone. To help your teeth!


Still not 100%...


"...I'll allow it..."


He also got this adorable slingshot-piggy-type toy. It's so cute! It's been near his bed in our bedroom since he saw it ;)

Thank you again to Sam and Finn!! We are so grateful for the gifts and appreciate it so much! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and you all have a wonderful new year!!

Corgifest 2010

This past weekend was awesome. First off, I love weekends. I love when we have absolutely no plans and laze around all weekend, but I also love when we get to see our friends and have fun.

This past weekend was just like that. After sleeping in (ah, glorious sleep) on Saturday and then watching our football games (GO GREEN!), our friends invited us downtown to enjoy Homegrown Fest. It’s basically a festival downtown where local farmers and restaurants share their food (veggies, fruits, sandwiches, coffee, pastries, etc.). There was live music, wine tasting and a beer tent, too. I absolutely love living here! It’s especially more fun in the company of good friends who hear about these types of events since they live within walking distance to downtown (a perk, for sure!).

Sunday was the probably the cutest though. My friend brought her Corgi down so she could play with Gryff. She got her Corgi a few months ago and we’ve been trying to set up a day for them to play since Gryff loves playing with other dogs (listen to us, we’re like parents with our kids :P). It just didn’t work out with our hectic schedules. We finally worked it out this weekend and I got to meet Mayhem, who is the cutest, littlest, most fluffy little girl ever! She and Gryff became fast friends and they looked so cute together.

She’s so teeny and cute!

Can you tell which is which? Fact: there were times we couldn’t, especially when we were at the dog park with them. Whoops.

All in all, a very fun weekend. I live for weekends! Why can’t they last longer…??

Memory Lane

This is Humphrey the Hippo. He was Gryff’s very first toy (aside from his puppy Kong).

Humphrey is more than a friend to him though. He was Gryff’s companion, compadre, his bestie.

We decided to see what it would be like if Humphrey and Gryff were reunited after months of separation.

Gryff was pretty stoked to his pal back in his life. After taking this picture, something happened.

I started to cry. Well, almost. OK, I was tearing up and didn’t want REB to see, so I hid it.

I know I shouldn’t be upset that he’s grown up into the best dog ever (seriously), but I always think of him as that little bean we got over a year ago.

if you observe on the left, Gryff used to be the size of Humphrey. He couldn’t even pick him up. All he could really do was gnaw on his tail with his puppy teeth. On the right, is today. Over a year later.

sniff sniff…as he’s all…sniff…grown up…sob..

Humphrey has seen some better days. To be real honest, I think he was used more as a teething toy than a companion.

It’s so dirty and chewed up! It’s pretty gross to think his mouth was kind of gross and made things dirty. Yuck!

He not only nommed all over Humphrey, but he also pulled out the stuffing. I think that’s the reason he got put back into the Gryffy toy box. Not joking.

Another reason why we probably put Humphrey BACK into his toy box was because of how filthy he is… This can’t be sanitary. o_O

I don’t want to get rid of the hippo. Like Mr. Bear to me, I want Gryff to always have the first toy he ever had. This toy used to spend many nights with him in his crate, helping him through his first night away from his birth mommy -tear-, helping him cope with spending a few hours alone each day while REB and I were at work, and helping him teeth comfortably. He’s an important part of his life!

Who am I kidding? He’s part our of lives too. Call that lame, but whatever.

They’ve both mellowed out over the months, but they’ll always be best friends. That much is true.

Together, these two can conquer the world! …or the living room at least.


Dogs are tricksters. Ours is a very good trickster.

A perk to living so close to work is that I can meet REB at home for lunch. It also means I get to see the dog and he can TCB outside. If he does his business, we just leave him out (block off the kitchen and close all the doors) so he’s not cramped in his crate all day. I know I’d hate that.

Whenever we’ve come home, we see Gryff in his crate and kind of laugh because really…if you could be out of your crate all day, why would you go back into it? I know his crate is a sense of security for him, but still.

Yeah, we were naive and wrong.

We had our suspicions that maybe he was out of his crate, but would run into it when he’d hear us coming in the door.

And that would be correct.

I came home today and peeked my head into our window (like a creepster) and I could see Gryff laying on the ground next to the coffee table chewing on a toy we left out for him. I turned my key into the door and looked in the window and saw him rush into his crate. So when I came in, I see him in his crate and he yawns and stretches like he’d been in there alllllll day.

Trickster. He’s not fooling anyone anymore.

“Wait..wha-?? You’re home…? I’m soooo tired. I was in here in the whoooole time.”

“….I can’t even keep my eyes open. I’ve been sleeping the whole time.”


Oh good. You’re awake. Now come say hi to me like a good dog and stop pretending you’re an angel…

Or…mmk. You’re going back to sleep. Great.

Oh, so REB is home and you get excited for that.

…Which he did. He was all about coming out of the crate, doing a ridiculously long stretch as if he’d been in there forever, and greeting the alpha male.

Sigh. He continues to amaze me. The little pooper.

Happy Birthday, Gryff!

They grow up so fast, don’t they? I can still remember March 19, 2009 like it was yesterday. He had endured a 10+ hour trip from Texas to be with us. He looked so scared and was the tiniest little bean I had ever seen. And now, one year later, he’s the most handsome, regal, and most wonderful companion to REB and myself.

He is already wise beyond his ears. I have incredibly deep conversations with him and he offers the best advice to me.

Those ears can hear into the future and listen into your soul. No lie. I’m also pretty sure he helps NASA with those satellite ears. My little astronaut!

So, what does the 1-year-old boy get for his birthday?

A Frosty Paw of course! Nothing like a beef-flavored ice cream cup to celebrate your birthday….yum…(o_O)

“Really? You can’t wait until I’m done eating to take my picture? I’m eating here!”


Mmmk…no need to gnaw on the cup

I think that’s enough. No need to turn him into one of those chubbier Corgis (sad, btw). I like how concerned he looks that FOOD is being taken away from him. Oinker.

Now that’s good eatin’

Yup. I’m a proud mama. He might really be a dog now, but that little image of him as the bean he used to be, is always going to be implanted in my head. *tear* Happy Birthday, buddy!

Sleep is wonderful

Gryff knows this. He does not take sleep for granted. I’m sure if he could sleep all day, he would.

…Oh wait. He already does that.

I’ve already said this, but I’m fairly certain I just might have the cutest dog ever.

This is what happens after he plays with other dogs for 8 hours straight. He’s out for the next two days. I love it. His innocent puppy ways come back almost immediately.

He has very creative ways of trying to escape the light.

He tries to act like he doesn’t love my camera, but I know he secretly loves it. He also likes to sit right against me to keep me warm. He’s considerate like that.

I don’t know how comfortable that could be, but I do know how adorable that is. Clearly.

Corgis are just like humans and sleep on their back…

…and on their bellies..


….and they sleep on their sides holding their paws real close to keep warm (ugh, this picture makes my heart melt)…

Yup, Corgis are awkward sleepers, but I love it.

I love him. All of him. He’s the best dog ever. Period.

Gryffzilla then and now

I found some pictures of Gryff and me on my laptop that had been taken with the Mac cam. They were from early April when he was about 8 or 9 weeks old – not long after we got him. I took a few more photos with the Mac cam tonight. Gryffzilla will be 9 months on Oct. 17. They grow up so fast. Tear.

Photo 341Taken April 3. We had had Gryff for about a week at this point. So really, he was still about 8 or 9 weeks!

Photo 348Little paws and short snout are no more…but those ears? They’re still just as big. Some things never change :)

Photo 390Taken October 7, 2009. So regal and handsome!

Photo 394Loves to lounge with us :)

Photo 395I absolutely LOVE this dog. For serious.