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Blogs You Should Be Reading

Blogging has become quite the phenomenon. I’ve had this blog since 2007 and it has gone through many renovations (even going from a completely different name to buying domain and redesigning) and the subject matter of my blog has drastically changed, too. Now blogging can be a full time job for some people, and is, and the whole food blogging thing is even bigger now than it was back in 2008! 

I read a lot of blogs. I follow a variety of blogs from lifestyle, to cooking/recipes, to travel – you name it, I might read it! However I realized that lately, I’ve been making my usual “rounds” – so to speak – to a couple that have been standing out to me.

All these blogs are  written by incredibly strong, beautiful and fun women and they’re every day gals. A lot of what they write about is very relatable! So instead of just having a link or a page in my blog listing links of blogs I absolutely love, I thought it might be more fun to feature some of my current favorites and share why I love them!


The Adventures of Amberherself  

This is my friend Amber’s blog and I absolutely love it. It’s a lifestyle blog with an every day look into her life here in Ann Arbor with her two dogs and her husband. Now this might seem biased because she is one of my best friends, but I really do love reading her blog! It’s hilarious for one thing thing. The adventures her and her husband have traveling, the weird things her dogs do, and even goals she’s trying to set for herself are all fun and insightful things to read.


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My Inner Shakti

This blog is by a beautiful and wonderful woman named Parita. I’m so lucky and happy to call her a friend despite her living in Florida and we’ve never met (we almost did when she was in Detroit last year, but timing and schedules didn’t make it happen. Soon, though!). Her blog is about all things YOU: how to be a better you, goals she’s trying to achieve monthly, product reviews, her work and leisure travels and the life she and her hubby have in Florida. I love her wellness posts. They are so helpful! Finding your inner well being is something we don’t take enough interest in, so it’s great to read about new meditation tips, ways to keep track of yourself, how to hold yourself accountable for your happiness, etc. Plus, her nickname is also Par and she’s also Indian. We’re like kindred spirits!

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Food, Pleasure & Health

I love love love this blog by Dallas resident Dixya. She’s another person I consider a friend despite never meeting her, but I swear it feels like we’ve been friends for years!  She’s a registered dietician but her blog isn’t all about healthy recipes and statistics or anything like that. She posts beautiful photos of her adventures living in Dallas, her super sweet and cute dog, incredibly healthy no-guilt and easy recipes (many of which I have tried and loved!) and she will have posts about the importance of your health. She also does a weekly Virtual Coffee Date which will include what’s currently going on in her life – what she’s reading, what she’s doing that weekend, products to try, etc. eWhat I like about her outlook on health is that she doesn’t write in a way that’s like the New York Times current feature on whatever health crisis is happening. She writes about the importance of health-related issues people maybe forget about, like getting your yearly physical, blood work, myths in medicine, etc. Her blog is great for anyone wanting to read something light (and not dense and dry like that of a medical journal), see beautiful photos and try healthy recipes!

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I <3 Vegetables

I have been following Liz on Instagram for a while now and it’s odd because I followed her there first then went to her blog. Her blog is one of my favorites because she’s a health coach, a vegetarian and a recipe developer! She posts some of the best, easy vegetarian recipes I’ve ever come across. One of her more recent posts is 15 Vegetarian Meals with 5 Ingredients or Less. Genius! She loves yoga and running, and will also share her progress on some other types of workouts she’s been trying out. That’s a big one for me because I get bored with workouts easily, so it’s nice to read about new stuff to try!

Many of you may already be following these blogs, but if you aren’t yet, then definitely make sure to tune in and read.
And to these wonderful women – thanks for keeping me informed, making me laugh and sharing your day-to-day with us!.

What are some of your favorite blogs?