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Confession: I am a smartphoneaholic.

One of my favorite bloggers, Lindsay, recently posted her 30 favorite apps on her phone and I felt inspired to do the same.

My phone is literally my secretary or my personal assistant. I didn’t think I would come to rely on my smartphone as much as I do, but I literally do everything from my phone these days. So I thought I would share some apps I use regularly and how I use them, both for work and leisure!

The above picture is the first screen on my phone. It’s the screen with the apps I use on a regular basis. So here we go!

Every day apps:

  • Instagram: no explanation needed. I seem to use my phone for pictures all the time these days over the fancy DSLR and only use that for photo sessions I book, or for food. Because obviously ;)
  • Facebook: Again, no explanation needed
  • Pages: I love using this for both the blog page and the photography page! It’s a great way for me to see at a glance what’s happening on each!
  • Twitter for iPhone: I don’t use any other twitter app than the norm. This has been working fine and I can switch between my personal account and the photography one without any problem!
  • Calendar: I don’t know what I would do without this app. It’s synced with all my email accounts, both personal and work. It’s the best way for me to keep track of what photo sessions I have booked on the weekend, personal/private events, and my meetings at work every. single. day.
  • Soundcloud: Being an electronic music junkie, I love Soundcloud. My brother-in-law first introduced me to the web site where you can listen to essential mixes of your favorite DJ’s and also check out new mixes by new peeps. I didn’t know they had an app, but I should have figured they did. I love it! Can listen to said awesome mixes on the go!
  • Spotify: To use Spotify on your phone, you need to be a premium user and pay a monthly fee, which I do. But I love it. I use this app for every road trip or even out running simple errands, more than I use the music app on my phone.
  • MyFitnessPal: The way I lost all that weight before my wedding was tracking what I eat, how long my workouts were and what I burned. I still use it and love it! Super simple, plus having my friends on there helps us encourage each other!
  • Runkeeper: Essential for keeping track of my runs, walking the dog, or just leisure walks. Plus I can map out routes I want to use for future outdoor runs. I can even use it indoors with the manual setting so it doesn’t use the GPS.
  • Clock: Seems simple enough but I have so many alarms for each day of the week. Three for each work day (yes, I require three alarms to actually wake up. Although lately the first one at 5:51 a.m. has been working just fine!) With all the stuff I have going on each weekend or end of the week, i set alarms for those too!
  • Kindle: I love the Kindle app for iPhone. I read every day during my lunch break because it’s the only real break I get during the work day. I love that it’s synced with Kindle.

Other handy apps I love:

  • PicFrame: Simple, free app I use to create collages.
  • Vine: A video app made by the people who made Twitter, this app is hella fun. You get 6 seconds (min. of 3 seconds) to record a video and it posts. It’s become quite the craze! My friend Amber and I use it for movie reviews after Scary Movie Night. We’re going to be Internet sensations. Just you wait.
  • ESPN Sports Center: REB and I are a sports couple. We love football, Detroit sports teams, and other teams too, of course! So when I can’t watch a game, I rely heavily on the app to keep me up to date on what my teams are doing ;)
  • Fly Delta: Screw paper boarding passes. Paperless is the way to go if you can do it!
  • ShopShop: My favorite app when making lists for grocery lists. I like that it saves previous items I’ve entered and it’s easy to use. With a shake of the phone an item is “crossed off” the list! While I prefer making a list with pen and paper, having this app is a nice alternative.
  • Feedly: With Google Reader going away, I need an easy way to keep up with my favorite blogs daily!

Other fun, random apps:

  • Pocketbooth: It’s not a free app, but it’s a fun one to take photos in a photobooth style with different photo filters.


  • TinyPlanet: Another fun, random camera app that turns a photo into a circle image. Kind of cool when you get a good shot of a city skyline or something.


  • Redbox: If REB and I don’t feel like paying $25 to see a movie in a theater, paying $1.50 is a better choice with a quick Redbox movie. I like the app because it’s easy to use, shows all the Redbox machines in our area, and what movies are there.
  • Netflix: Long bus rides can be go by faster if I prefer to watch something on Netflix instead of reading
  • PS Express: The Photoshop Express app for iPhone. It’s not the best app, but it’s sufficient for quick edits
  • Snapseed: I haven’t used this app too much, but from what I have used, I like the editing formats they offer for quickly editing a photo.
  • Voxer: My friend Amber and I used this over the summer last year when she, her hubby, REB and I all rented that house on the lake up north. Since we caravaned up there, it was a cool CB radio/walkie-talkie app to keep in touch without texting while driving.
  • TypoInsta: An easy-to-use app to apply text to your photos. You can save them on your phone or upload them directly to twitter, flickr, instagram or email from the app itself.

So there we have it! I’m sure I’m missing some, but if I am, then I clearly don’t use them enough to warrant a feature on here. I may not have a human being assistant to help run my life, but it’s nice to know I have a pocket size one I can take with me every where!

What are your favorite phone apps?




Hi friends!

You might have seen some shots on Instragram, but we saw Coldplay last night! I’ve been wanting to see them live for the longest time. REB saw them about 6 years ago when Parachutes was first released, so it was a treat for him too. We all got to wear wristbands that lit up when the show started and started flashing during certain songs. They had balloons, big glowing balloons across the arena, confetti, black lights, singing happy birthday to Will the drummer, and of course, really good music. They put on a great show and you can tell they love their fans. They even did their encore in our section a few rows away from us! It was amazing. Here are some shots from the show (and dinner before ;)):

Gazpacho a la Kruse and Muer


Grilled veggie primavera...food won


So that and Radiohead earlier this summer marks the end of our big concert plans. After I go to a concert, I always seem to want to attend more! Maybe there are some peeps coming to smaller venues….

What is the best concert you’ve attended?

[Captioned] WIAW [From Mon and Tues] – #11


Hi friends :)

It’s already April! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. Jenn is doing another fun thing for April’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday: an extra cup of veggies! I seem to accomplish this more for lunch, but something is better than nothing. ¬†Deets and info on participating in WIAW at the end of the post!

Here’s a recap from Monday and Tuesday:

We're watching my parents bird, Chibi, while they're overseas. She has a lot of nicknames ;)

Breakfast from Monday and Tuesday


Lunch from Monday and Tuesday

But of course


After-work routine


Monday Dinner @ Jazzy Veggie: veggie "crab" cakes, baked sweet potato fries, chick'n' Caesar wrap (veggie dressing), plantain chips!


Good bangs day:

Yours truly


Tuesday dinner: Ate the delicious bread and some hummus, and my mini fattoush. The actual entree went into a box and came home.


Tuesday workout. 472 calories burned!

I’ve mentioned before how I hurt my ankle years and years ago. And, instead of being responsible and going to a doctor at the time of the injury, I was a dumb teenager who thought it would just heal on its own. Sure, it did heal because I can walk now, but it’s not 100%. Since then I haven’t been able to run for long distances or time without it starting to hurt. I was a smart one :P

I’ve been doing Andrea’s walking-incline-treadmill workout as my primary form of cardio lately since it burns a ton of calories for me and keeps me moving for 50 minutes straight. For some of the faster walking bits, I’ve started jogging since I can’t walk fast at 4.5 mph. Granted it’s a slow run, I was able to run a full 10 1/2-minute mile straight without stopping and without feeling like I was going to die! My ankle started hurting shortly after that, but I was stoked that I took a minute off my past mile time and felt completely revved up the rest of the work out.

This makes me think that maybe I should do the Couch to 5K again. I never did finish it the first time I tried it. But now? I’m more fit now than I’ve ever been, I work out at least 4 times a week as it is, and follow a healthy diet. Maybe I should give it a try and use that as my PT to get my ankle back to where it is! After all, one of the things on my bucket list is to run a race and not feel like I’m going to die a minute into it ;)

So there we have it!
You know the drill! If you want to participate, head over to Jenn’s blog and find out how :)

How have injuries impacted your workout routine?
Any tips from runners on how I can get back to where I was?
Will I ever get back there?

Green Weekend


Hi everyone!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA all weekend. I was in Chicago visiting my sister! It was probably one of the most fun weekends. I think a lot of it had to do with the weather being so beautiful. I always hate leaving that city and leaving my sister’s place. I just love Chicago!

Anyway, I have a big post I’m going to be writing, so I’ll just make this a picture post and show you some snaps I took from my phone from St. Patty’s Day :) Enjoy!

Green river!


Seester and me


Famous for chocolate shakes. I won't go into detail on what that means.


Chicago neighborhood


Hmm…I guess I don’t have more pictures! I have more in the next post, which was spending Sunday meeting with Diana from the Veggie Next Door! Stay tuned!

I always feel so sad to leave to leave Chicago.
Is there a city near you (or not) that you love to visit and hate saying goodbye?