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An Autumn Affair

I’ve been having an affair with the fall season and month of October for almost 20 years. It’s pretty serious too, I think.

I absolutely love this time of year. It makes me appreciate what we have out there. It may not last long, but for a few weeks, we get to see a spectacular splash of color, which takes my breath away.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty spoiled because the first time I saw the fall color was when I was a young’in in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan when we lived up there. Yeah we lived in Houghton (WAY up there!) and going to Copper Harbor during the fall is something I’ll never forget. Fast forward 18 years, REB and I took a vacation to Vermont during peak color week out there. The amount of color someone can see there is amazing. I can’t even describe it.

However, I take advantage of the foliage any where I can. Call me a leafer, I guess. It’s a beautiful season and it’s not just the foliage that makes me love fall time. It’s everything else that comes with it: Honeycrisp apples; baking with fall flavors like nutmeg, cranberries, cinnamon; picking pumpkins and carving them; drinking cherry wines (or any wine) and football!

Fall is fantastic. End of story.