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Current Favorites and Other Scenes from the Weekend


Currently I’m loving….:

This mug:

Using this mug on Saturday during our release:

All these teas. Yes, all:

Skinny Peppermint Mocha’s from Bucky’s:

…And laughing because they never seem to get my name right…

Making my hubby a welcome-home dinner of homemade mac and cheese:

Making a mess in the kitchen is totally worth it for someone you love :)

This L’Oreal nail color titled Now You Sea Me:

…That’s already chipping despite their 10-day guarantee…

All the people I work with who I spent 12 hours with on Saturday during the release:

…And who I got loopy with when the 11th hour of work came around:

This half-order, nosh-sized [read: thinner bread, less filling] #38 from Zingermans Deli:

Finding bugs like it’s my job (bad joke):

Seeing every task sticky drop into Task Complete after 12 hours of work:

The continuing scandals of the 1900s in Downton Abbey in Season 2:


Being able to relax after a somewhat stressful weekend this way:

How was your weekend?

[Captioned] WIAW [From Mon and Tues] – #11


Hi friends :)

It’s already April! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. Jenn is doing another fun thing for April’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday: an extra cup of veggies! I seem to accomplish this more for lunch, but something is better than nothing.  Deets and info on participating in WIAW at the end of the post!

Here’s a recap from Monday and Tuesday:

We're watching my parents bird, Chibi, while they're overseas. She has a lot of nicknames ;)

Breakfast from Monday and Tuesday


Lunch from Monday and Tuesday

But of course


After-work routine


Monday Dinner @ Jazzy Veggie: veggie "crab" cakes, baked sweet potato fries, chick'n' Caesar wrap (veggie dressing), plantain chips!


Good bangs day:

Yours truly


Tuesday dinner: Ate the delicious bread and some hummus, and my mini fattoush. The actual entree went into a box and came home.


Tuesday workout. 472 calories burned!

I’ve mentioned before how I hurt my ankle years and years ago. And, instead of being responsible and going to a doctor at the time of the injury, I was a dumb teenager who thought it would just heal on its own. Sure, it did heal because I can walk now, but it’s not 100%. Since then I haven’t been able to run for long distances or time without it starting to hurt. I was a smart one :P

I’ve been doing Andrea’s walking-incline-treadmill workout as my primary form of cardio lately since it burns a ton of calories for me and keeps me moving for 50 minutes straight. For some of the faster walking bits, I’ve started jogging since I can’t walk fast at 4.5 mph. Granted it’s a slow run, I was able to run a full 10 1/2-minute mile straight without stopping and without feeling like I was going to die! My ankle started hurting shortly after that, but I was stoked that I took a minute off my past mile time and felt completely revved up the rest of the work out.

This makes me think that maybe I should do the Couch to 5K again. I never did finish it the first time I tried it. But now? I’m more fit now than I’ve ever been, I work out at least 4 times a week as it is, and follow a healthy diet. Maybe I should give it a try and use that as my PT to get my ankle back to where it is! After all, one of the things on my bucket list is to run a race and not feel like I’m going to die a minute into it ;)

So there we have it!
You know the drill! If you want to participate, head over to Jenn’s blog and find out how :)

How have injuries impacted your workout routine?
Any tips from runners on how I can get back to where I was?
Will I ever get back there?

Paris in Pictures

Since my last Paris post was mostly about the food, I thought it might be nice to show you some of the pictures of our actual time in Paris. I’ve said it a million times since returning, but I really want to go back. I can’t wait 10 years again fore I make that happen ;) Enjoy! <3


Pretty pretty :)

Climbed up the Tower!


We couldn't go all the way to the top, but this was just as cool :)


Pyramid at the Louvre


Art clockwise from left: Mona Lisa (as close as I could get to it :P), Venus de Milo, Winged Victory and Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss (one of my favorite scupltures of all time <3)


Photography wasn’t allowed in the Orsay. This wasn’t the case 10 years ago, but it is now :\ They also took out the huge clock. And you can’t get to it :( Glad I got pics the last time I was there with my sister <3


My favorite monument in Paris <3




Fun with Anna

I’m playing catch up with all these posts since everything has settled down a bit. Better late than never though! :)

So one of my sister’s closest friends asked me to take pictures of their one year old, Anna. I’ve known her and her husband since I was in high school. And really, she’s like my big sister. Always making jokes with me, listening to awesomely-bad Christmas music while we made drives down to my sister’s place for visits and having picnics with everyone in the summertime.

I was so happy to hear that they were going to have a kid and when Anna showed up, she was just as spunky as the two of them. And the best part? Anna loves monkeys!! I knew I’d love her already ;)

I met them at this great park in Grand Blanc near my parents house and it was probably one of the more pretty days we had in a few weeks. Sun was shining, there was plenty of shade and even a few trees already changing color.

Anna was a lot of fun to photograph. I learned quickly that her spunk translates to moving. She didn’t like to sit still the entire time, but regardless, we had a fun afternoon watching Anna run around and I managed to get a few snapshots here and there ;)

Frankenstein baby!!

They were just a blast to hang out with! I hope I can take more pictures of Anna soon! A big thanks to the P family for letting me have a fun day with them!

**All images property of yours truly. Re-use and re-production of any kind is strictly prohibited!!**

Heidi Anne Turns One

One of my best friends had a baby last year.  I took pictures of my friend when she was pregnant, some newborn snapshots here and there of her daughter and did some six month pictures of her during the spring. But when she asked me to do a full on, full day of taking pictures for Heidi’s one year, I was actually kind of nervous. It’s one thing to take pictures here and there, but when I take pictures of someone who is like family or someone I feel like I’ve known forever, there’s that whole “Crap, I don’t want to disappoint them!” feeling. But I quickly remember that because she’s like family, it’s all about having fun and making sure they have the most fun.

We took pictures of Heidi at one of our favorite places ever: The campus of Michigan State University! Walking around that campus during any season makes me fall in love with the place all over again and brings back all the fun memories I had there and made there.

And this little future Spartan and her parents are sure to create new memories!

Look at those cheeks!


Baby blues!

Yup, little miss Heidi is basically like my niece. I treat her that way and I hope the friendship her mom and I share never goes away <3

Thanks for letting me spend a fun afternoon with you!

*All images property of yours truly. Re-use and re-production of any kind is strictly prohibited!!**