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Six Months

One of my friend’s mom made a tweet about how today is 8/9/10. Very cool (I love cool, number dates like this).

But for me personally, today is kind of special. Six months ago today, REB asked me to marry him. I know, I know, it’s kind of lame to try to make a “big thing” about it, but the people who really know me, know how great it is. Before him, I had some of the worst relationships ever (if you can even call them that :P). Before him, I didn’t know what it was like to really feel like you could love someone so much. Before him, I wasn’t this mushy about stuff.

All I know is that next year we’re getting married and I can’t wait. He makes everything better in my life and I know it’ll only get better from here. I’m a sucker for silly milestones, and I never used to be. But with him, I can’t help it. He brings out the cheesy-lovey-dovey side of me and I love it.