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Typical morning

6:51 a.m.: REB’s alarm goes off. Snooze button hit.

[Rustling of bed covers heard] “Wanna eat?”

[Gryff jumps down stairs and off bed, jingle-jangle of collar heard leaving the room]

[Sound of food heard in Gryff's bowl]

[REB's carpet shuffle heard; comes back to bed for 10 more minutes]

7:01 a.m.: REB’s alarm goes off again. Alarm turned off. He gets up.

[Water from shower heard]

[Smacking lips from Gryff heard]

[Slow climb heard on stairs of bed; mental note made that nails need to be filed]

[Rustle, rustle, plop]

[Gryff sigh. Sleep]

[Hustle and bustle heard as REB gets ready for work]

[Feel kiss on cheek] “Bye baby. Bye Bobo”

[Hear front door open, then close, and lock]

[Gryff hops down from bed]

[Jingle-jangle collar in living room]

[Jingle-jangle collar coming back in bedroom]

[Slow climb onto bed]

[Rustle, rustle, plop]

[Gryff sigh]

[Sleep for 30 more minutes]

8:01 a.m.: My alarm goes off. Get up and get ready

[Gryff stays in bed until he hears me say, "outside"]

Just a typical week day morning in our household ;)