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Obligatory Snow Post

Polar vortex. Arctic blast. COLD COLD COLD. I’m sure many of you have seen and heard about the ridiculous amount of snow and cold the Midwest and Northeast has received, but I am still in shock over all of it.

Snowmageddon, as we refer to it here in the Mitten State, happened two years ago in February and it was pretty bad (or so we thought). We got roughly 8-9 inches, and it was cold, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Then this year. This was theĀ real Snowmageddon. Ever since early December, we’ve received snowfall with a fair amount of accumulations every weekend or so. Christmas we received a lot of snow (ice storm up by my parents), same goes for New Years, and now this past weekend.

Saturday I took full advantage of the sun and somewhat warm temperatures and took the dog on a much needed walk around the neighborhood. It’s a good thing I did, because the snow came later that night.


As you can see, the snow was still pretty deep for him even then. So then that afternoon into that evening, the whole winter storm advisories came through, the warning of cold temps headed our way during the week came in, and we just kind of shrugged and said “bring it.” …and oh, was it brought’n! I woke up on Sunday and couldn’t believe the amount of snow we had received and how much was still falling.



I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was pretty awful. REB and I shoveled three times together on Sunday. Since we have a corner lot, we’re also responsible for the sidewalk/easement that runs alongside our house and in front, so by the time we were done with all of that, we had to re-shovel the driveway because it had accumulated again. He even shoveled late that night around 11 once he was done working out!


We had already received emails about working from home on Monday, or having a snow day, so it was at least nice that we had another day at home.

Not when you have to shovel though. Again.


We have some wonderful neighbors with heavy duty snow blowers and they actually came through and cleared all the driveways in our cul de sac, and the sidewalks that run in front of and alongside the houses. Note to self: make cookies for said neighbors as a HUGE thank you. However, that didn’t stop REB and I from shoveling. Because of the wind and the temps dropping, we had a fair amount of drift, which blocked our garage door leading out to the backyard, so we had to shovel all that away and also shovel a path for the dog so he could actually getĀ into the backyard to TCB. We appropriately named him Sir Stumpinton since watching him hop around in our yard with snow up to his neck, was pretty derp and cute.

So the final tally for Ann Arbor was 10-11 inches, but in some areas of our yard we had accumulations of up to 17 inches. My parents (1 hour north) got roughly 17 inches, which tops out the most in the Lower Peninsula for Michigan.



View from our driveway

And finally I had to take the obligatory picture of me next to one of those snowbanks.


The last time I took a picture with a snowbank as tall as me, was when my family and I lived in Houghton, MI in the UP. I was about 7 or 8 years old then. And believe me, being a kid in a blizzard/snowstorm situation is way more fun than having to deal with it as an adult. I think we’re supposed to get more snow this week, but because the temps are in the negatives (with wind chills at -42 or something ridiculous), we may not have as much accumulation. Here’s hoping!

So, I hope everyone stays safe and stays warm! And for those of you in warmer climates and states…send us some of that sunshine, will ya? :)


Gryffzilla and snow

When we got Gryff last March, the Michigan weather Gods weren’t quite done dumping more snow on us. If you live in Michigan, you know that it won’t snow until December-ish, and it will last until the first or second week of April. It’s something we get used to and something I complain about constantly because I think the snow should be around for Christmas then leave my presence until the following year. Gryff has seen snow before, but he was about 10 weeks old when he first saw it. It was clear he didn’t remember his first experience in the snow.

We got our first real hit of snow last night and I concluded that my dog was part-bunny.

Investigating what these strange white specks are falling from the sky. This was before it really started to come down.

About two hours later, we had to take him out again and this time, it had accumulated. It was hard to get a snapshot of his paws. He was so excited that he kept stepping all over the place and covering up previous prints.

Doesn’t seem like much, but it got thicker as the night went on.

I love the first snowfall when it’s untouched and clean. I find this so peaceful and serene.

…In about two or three months, remind me that I said the above comment. I won’t believe you because I’ll be too busy pouting and complaining about how the snow won’t melt and I wish spring were here.

Not only did he literally bite at the snowflakes coming down, he also buried his nose in the ground and scoot forward. Then shake his head, snort and put on his dorky smile. “Look what I did! Did you see? Did you??”

He quickly picked up on how much fun he’d had in the snow and when we were back inside, he stuck his nose through the patio blinds and whimpered because he wanted to go back outside. I already have a feeling that even though we could get 3 feet, or more, of snow on the ground, we’ll be making trips to the dog park this winter if it’s open.

Good to know our dog is a snow dog. Maybe he could take me to work on days I don’t want to drive…