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What I Ate Wednesday – #3

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So this past week was another good one of eats! Some cooking adventures, some restaurant adventures and of course, the last football game of the season. Actually the latter is the saddest thing. REB and I are crazy football fanatics and it’s safe to say we’re upset that there’s no more football until August. So sad :( BUT! There is a draft and that will be good to watch.

Moving on!

On Thursday I had a craving for a different kind of salty snack and ended up making roasted chickpeas.

I had made roasted chickpeas before, but this time I made them with rosemary and sea salt. They turned out great! I actually think I needed to let them bake for more than 45 minutes so they’d be extra crunchy, but oh well. Now I know!

So then on Saturday I went to my bestie’s house in Royal Oak for a girls night out. It has been forever since I’ve seen this girl (or so it seems) and she and I went out for a night of dancing and drinking at Boogie Fever, a club that only plays 70s, 80s and 90s music. It’s like it was made for us! So anyway before we went out, she made the most amazing light dinner for us.

She made the quickest and tastiest potato soup ever. It wasn’t completely blended or pureed so it still had some texture and the flavor was so good! The fun continued with us getting good and tipsy on beers (for her) and rum and cokes (for me). I meant to get rum and diets and yeah…after the pre-gaming at her house, I kind of forgot about that rule. A big, big thank you to her hubby for being our DD!

The next morning, we were ready for some much needed sustenance. We had our heart set on going to Cafe Muse for some brunch, but without a reservation in a restaurant that holds maybe 25 people, the wait was 1 hour and 15 minutes! We weren’t about to wait that long, so we just walked a few doors down and went to Lily’s Seafood and Brewery for their Sunday brunch. What turned us to this place…?

BLOODY MARY BAR!! And it was only $3/glass!! It was freaking amazing. It was just what our tired butts needed. It’s that whole needing a beer or whatever the day after a night of drinking to feel better. It’s weird, I know, but it works! Trust me. My bloody Mary was a masterpiece complete with celery, bleu-cheese stuffed olive, hot sauce and some horseradish! Om nom nom.

Then to start our meals off, we got an appetizer of waffle nuggets. Oh yes, you heard me right. Waffle nuggets. They were filled with fruit, dusted with powder sugar and came with warm maple syrup!

So onto Superbowl Sunday! It was pizza and dip day. We totally indulged and bought a cheese pizza from Whole Foods and then topped it ourselves before baking it. We topped it with vegan pepperoni, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese and baked it off in the oven. It was SO good! The pepperoni was actually really, really good on it. It tastes kind of weird on its own, but when it crisped up on the pizza it tasted pretty good. I recommend it!

Another thing we made was this cashew-mushroom pâté you probably saw on the blog over the weekend. We got the recipe from the Vegetarian Times. We had some veggies and these awesome thin crackers with it. It was a little more fancy than normal football food, but it was full of protein and had a great nutty flavor from the peanut butter and cashews in it!

We also made Sarah’s spicy black bean and corn dip!! It turned out great! We made it a bit spicier with some chili flakes. I should have done what she did and used hot salsa, but they were out at the store :( Other spice fiends with the same thought on Superbowl Sunday I suppose.

We actually had some leftover, which I used for dinner on Monday actually! So on Monday we made egg salad sandwiches. REB always buys the packaged hard boiled eggs so we took three of them (1 1/2 for each of us), 1 stalk of celery, half a small shallot (didn’t have any onion in the house – gasp!), two squirts of French’s yellow mustard and a splash of white wine vinegar. Then we sprinkled some salt, lots of black pepper and a pinch of paprika on them, scooped them onto a 90-calorie slimwich and it was ready! I also had a small handful of Baked Ruffles (I know, I know!) and more of the dip! I added a little more salsa to the dip for a more tomato-y flavor this time around.

Before I continue onto the dinner I had with my friend last night, I need to share with you my new obsession. I’ve had this tea for almost a month and only just now decided to take a picture with my phone to include in the WIAW’s! It’s Vanilla Comoro tea and it. is. AMAZING.

While I do have a cup of coffee when I get into work every morning, I don’t have more than that. Then I move onto tea if I absolutely need a hot drink without the calories. It’s naturally sweet, soothing and tastes so good! I bought it at a local market in town (a localized version of Whole Foods, called Plum Market) and it was kind of expensive, but it comes with 20 satchel tea bags in it and I just love the little tin.

Oh and also, go State. Kthx.

So last night, I had weekly dinner with my friend Kelly. You might remember me mentioning her when I talked about the dinner before the folk festival two weeks ago. Anyway, we were going to go to the cute little French bistro downtown, Cafe Felix, but they don’t really have any vegetarian items on their menu (but they do have some yummy martinis from what I remember!). So instead, we met up at Prickly Pear, the REALLY good Mexican place in town. I say “REALLY good” because it isn’t one of those Tex-Mex places that just nuke the entire plate under a heater or microwave and the vegetarian plate looks like a plate of beans, cheese and gross rice. Prickly pear uses fresh, unique ingredients and you can tell!



And I’m an idiot for not taking a picture right when the food arrived. It just smelled so good! I ended up getting the two enchilada plate which had one sweet potato and one black bean. I opted out of getting rice and just had a side of black beans. It was really good, but I only ate half and brought the rest home :) Lunch today! The enchiladas were so good though! Normally when REB and I go there we each get a half salad to start and then we split the portabella vegetarian fajita skillet. Good stuff. There is plenty for vegetarians there too, so we love it. I’m glad Kelly is a fan of this place too! It means we might be going there again in a weekly dinner to come!

Oh and just for good measure:


OK, I’m done.
So there we go! A week of eats from our neck of the mitten state! I wonder what this week will hold…

What did you snack on during the big game?
P.S. Did you root for the Patriots or Giants?