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What I Ate Wednesday – #10


Happy Hump Day readers!

It’s that day again! The all mighty Wednesday. So it’s time to share what I ate, except I’m going to show what I ate on Tuesday. Again.

Breakfast/Mid-morning Snack

Breakfast was a Nutrigrain bar, banana and coffee! Don’t you just love the new coffee mug? Some of you might have seen my tweet from Monday about how my Michigan State coffee mug has a crack and is no more :( It was a sad day. I had bought this monkey cup and another cup (you’ll see that one in a sec!) over the weekend. This one was originally for REB. He stole my other monkey mug, which he uses at work for tea and coffee as well, so I thought I could buy him a new one and I could have that one back. …But I might just keep this one for myself until I get a new MSU mug ;) Donations are welcome for the “Replace Par’s MSU mug and sanity” fund. Inquire within ;)

So instead of a snack, I just spaced out the food and had the banana later in the morning!


I went to the cafe next door and got one trip to their salad bar. I loaded up on mixed greens, spinach leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas, 1/2 hard boiled egg, cucumbers, shredded carrots and a few chickpeas. I had some light raspberry vinaigrette on the side as well as that cottage cheese! It was the perfect lunch :)

Afternoon Snack

My new obsession thanks to Andrea (it’s a good thing!). I love these things! All the flavors are good, they’re almost 50% of your daily fiber intake and they’re all between 130-140 calories.


In addition to all the water I’ve been drinking, I’ve also been drinking tea as usual.

Isn’t this the cutest little cup?? I got this when I bought the monkey one from earlier. Just an FYI: go to Pier 1! I love that store for so many reasons, but all their cute kitchen stuff is probably the main reason I go there.


I have a super busy day tomorrow so I can’t make it to trivia. So instead, I met up with my friend for our weekly dinner on Tuesday and we went to a Coney to get some brinner. I also forgot to take a picture of what I ate – whoops. So anyway, I kind of splurged on an omelet, taters and toast. Sigh. At least I loaded the omelet with mushroom and spinach. That’s something, right? Right?? :\

Once I got home, I played fetch with the dog and took a quick walk with them. Since it was still kind of early, I was able to get a quick 35 minutes on the elliptical in our complex gym! It made me feel not so bad about the dinner (since face it, hash browns are delicious but not the lowest calorie food) and I’m glad I was able to work out tonight! Hooray motivation.

All in all, a good day of eats – nothing spectacular. Not like the pot pies I made on Sunday – yum!! I’m just glad I loaded up on protein and lots of greens – going with the WIAW theme this month!

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Do you have a favorite mug or cup you use for coffee or tea?