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New Homeowners


Hi Everyone!

You read the title right: REB and I are new homeowners!!

Not official until you have the key!

It’s the most exciting feeling ever! We closed on Thursday of last week and we took great advantage of the long weekend to move items into the new house and start painting!

But first, let’s do a quick round up for What I Ate Wednesday! Remember to head over to Jenn’s blog if you want to join the party!

Here are the highlights:

Clockwise we have: a vegetarian version of bagel and lox (no lox) – tomato, cream cheese, capers, red onion no toasted whole wheat bagel (YUM!); a yummy veggie pita packed full with sprouts, sunflower seeds and veggies;  Thai for lunch on closing day: tofu, veggies, spring roll; and celebrating the new house with mojitos and yummy Mexican food! Not a bad week of eats!

So onto the fun part: Updates and some pics of the new digs!
Our house is located within Ann Arbor city limits, close enough to a highway for REB to commute to Dearborn, and still on the same bus line I take to work downtown – WIN. It’s located in a cute neighborhood!

Pretty and ours for the next 30 years! lolz

We met some of our neighbors over the weekend and they’re all so nice and welcoming. Turns out one of them golfs with a few people I work with here, so that’s kind of cool :)

Since our apartment was remodeled (kitchen and bathrooms) not long ago, all our kitchen stuff was already packed in boxes. And since we weren’t going to be painting cabinets or anything, we decided to go ahead and move and unpack the kitchen first – glad we did!

Kitchen before - we put on a first coat of paint over the weekend!

A gas range! SQUEE!! All the appliances are relatively new, too! Double SQUEE! We want to re-do the counters and the cabinets down the road. In the mean time, we might just update the hardware on the cabinets to give it a new look for a lower cost. We did start painting the kitchen, too! I’ll post a pic once it’s all done. The nice thing is that we were finally able to unpack all the wedding stuff we got and throw out the old stuff. Now all the new stuff is packed away in the kitchen. And I also get one of these:

I’m a nerd and get a little cabinet for all my blogging dishes and stuff! I’m pretty thankful I have a hubby who understands my weirdness for taking food photos.

The one thing I love about our house is the backyard. The previous owners did a beautiful job with the landscaping and kept it pretty low maintenance. Luckily, my brother-in-law studied landscape architecture, so he’s going to come visit us and give us the 4-1-1 on everything that’s growing and how to take care of it. We also negotiated patio furniture into the contract, which is beautiful!

Ants helping the peonies open up in the backyard

One of the first days there, our friend came over and we enjoyed some bubbly on the deck!

Happy hubby :)

One thing I wasn’t prepared for, was the amount of time we’d spend in Lowes. I think we made about 5 or 6 trips there in two days over the weekend. We wanted to get a head start on the painting though!

Cart of fun!

I’ve never painted before. Well, I’ve painted in art class as a kid, but I’ve never painted as far as homes go. I didn’t realize the amount of work that goes into it! But it is sort of fun just because we get to make it entirely our own!

Taped off, tarps down!

And it seemed no matter what precautions I took, I couldn’t keep paint off me.

I think the color suits me, don’t you? ;)

Well, we have a long way to go before it’s all complete, but I just can’t wait to start decorating and making it a home! It’s a big step, and we’ve been looking for a long time, and we’re both just so thrilled and excited to finally have a house! Gryff will finally get a yard!

I’ll be sure to keep updates on here as we’re moving, unpacking, painting and decorating!

Any homeowners out there who have tips for us newbs?
Would love to hear from you!