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What I Ate Wednesday [Er Tuesday] – #13


Wednesday Funday = What I Ate Wednesday!

Let’s get to it! A re-cap of Tuesday’s meals.

It was a bit of a crazy Tuesday morning for us…but I won’t go into details about it.  I couldn’t eat my usual breakfast (boo) but here we go!

I made a great salad of mixed greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, cucumbers, some cottage cheese (as the dressing!) a black bean burger patty and hot sauce! Delish.

No explanation needed:

In the evening, I had a work shin dig and they served us dinner. I filled up on a good sized salad although the toppings were sparse, and the food selections were all carblicious but delicious ;)

The best thing about the party was the open bar. Luckily no one (that I saw) took horrible advantage of that, but we all did have a nice cool glass to enjoy the gorgeous evening!

Spring in Michigan means Oberon season! Om nom nom. I didn’t even finish the whole glass though. Beer is just too heavy for me now :\ Oh well.

So yeah! Not the most exciting day, but still a pictorial journal of all the eats! Head over to Jenn’s blog if you want to join the party!

Update on Couch to 5K: it’s going well! I’m on week 2, feeling good and and ankle is feeling good. I’m still trying to find a comfortable pace and maintain good form, but I know as the days/weeks of the program go by, that will hopefully develop! So far so good though!

Are any of you out there runners? Any tips for me?

Boring Day of Food


For the first time ever, I actually remembered to take pictures of what I ate on Wednesday! It will probably never happen again. It’s also not the most exciting day of eats, but some of the items should come as no surprise to you! So here are eats from April 4!


Oats with chia and granola, and a big ol’ cup of coffee with sugar free creamer and Splenda! It totally got me through the busy morning I had.


I had my leftover ghallaba pita, some hummus and bread for my lunch. Uh, can we say carblicious. I promptly worked out when I got home to avoid feeling guilt ;) But hey! At least the food got eaten and didn’t go to waste.


Fiberlicious and delicious, these Gnu Foods Flavor & Fiber bars are just what my afternoon need!

As if you didn’t already know ;)

After work:

April 4 was National Walking Day! After the workout, I did my cool down by taking the pup on a much needed long walk.

I think he appreciated it ;) Then again, walks are his favorite thing after fetch and food. It’s the little things.

…Well it was last week. This week it’s been cold, rainy and I even saw a few flurries on Tuesday. Gross. Make up your mind, Michigan!

After a quick shower, I got ready and headed downtown to have dinner with my girls and play music trivia like every Wednesday!

Walked by Faerie Village on my way to the restaurant. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures I’ve taken of the fairy doors around town. It’s probably one of the reasons Ann Arbor is so great! We have fairies living in our little city :) You can read more about the Urban Fairies here. It’s total cute overload ;)


Dinner was at Prickly Pear where I had the sweet potato enchiladas with black beans and rice on the side. I wasn’t a fan of the rice, but those beans are delicious! So were the enchiladas ;)

And just in case you guys don’t think all I ever drink is tea and water…I do in fact drink other things!

As always, if you want to join the party, head on over to Jenn’s blog to find out how! Happy Wednesday!

What’s the yummiest thing you ate over the weekend?

What I Ate Wednesday – #10


Happy Hump Day readers!

It’s that day again! The all mighty Wednesday. So it’s time to share what I ate, except I’m going to show what I ate on Tuesday. Again.

Breakfast/Mid-morning Snack

Breakfast was a Nutrigrain bar, banana and coffee! Don’t you just love the new coffee mug? Some of you might have seen my tweet from Monday about how my Michigan State coffee mug has a crack and is no more :( It was a sad day. I had bought this monkey cup and another cup (you’ll see that one in a sec!) over the weekend. This one was originally for REB. He stole my other monkey mug, which he uses at work for tea and coffee as well, so I thought I could buy him a new one and I could have that one back. …But I might just keep this one for myself until I get a new MSU mug ;) Donations are welcome for the “Replace Par’s MSU mug and sanity” fund. Inquire within ;)

So instead of a snack, I just spaced out the food and had the banana later in the morning!


I went to the cafe next door and got one trip to their salad bar. I loaded up on mixed greens, spinach leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, green peas, 1/2 hard boiled egg, cucumbers, shredded carrots and a few chickpeas. I had some light raspberry vinaigrette on the side as well as that cottage cheese! It was the perfect lunch :)

Afternoon Snack

My new obsession thanks to Andrea (it’s a good thing!). I love these things! All the flavors are good, they’re almost 50% of your daily fiber intake and they’re all between 130-140 calories.


In addition to all the water I’ve been drinking, I’ve also been drinking tea as usual.

Isn’t this the cutest little cup?? I got this when I bought the monkey one from earlier. Just an FYI: go to Pier 1! I love that store for so many reasons, but all their cute kitchen stuff is probably the main reason I go there.


I have a super busy day tomorrow so I can’t make it to trivia. So instead, I met up with my friend for our weekly dinner on Tuesday and we went to a Coney to get some brinner. I also forgot to take a picture of what I ate – whoops. So anyway, I kind of splurged on an omelet, taters and toast. Sigh. At least I loaded the omelet with mushroom and spinach. That’s something, right? Right?? :\

Once I got home, I played fetch with the dog and took a quick walk with them. Since it was still kind of early, I was able to get a quick 35 minutes on the elliptical in our complex gym! It made me feel not so bad about the dinner (since face it, hash browns are delicious but not the lowest calorie food) and I’m glad I was able to work out tonight! Hooray motivation.

All in all, a good day of eats – nothing spectacular. Not like the pot pies I made on Sunday – yum!! I’m just glad I loaded up on protein and lots of greens – going with the WIAW theme this month!

Remember to head over to Jenn’s blog if you want to participate in WIAW too!

Do you have a favorite mug or cup you use for coffee or tea?

What I Ate Wednesday – #7


Happy Wednesday! I’ve come to love Wednesdays :)

I know I already said this in the previous post, but I can’t believe we are already into March and it’s already getting into the second week! Where is the time going..?? It always seems like the year goes by so fast and I have a bunch of things I put on my to-do list and I somehow never make more than a tiny dent in it. Lists are a beautiful thing, though. Truly.

In any case, it’s time for another round of What I Ate Wednesday and we’re into the 7th edition of it! I’m going to try something different where I first list the things I ate last Wednesday then show highlights from the week! This is also the first WIAW for the month of March and Jenn is having us do something different. We’re calling it:

Breakfast 8:30 a.m.:

Consisted of the usual plain oatmeal with 1 tablespoon natural granola, chia seeds and one packet of Splenda. And of course my coffee with sugar-free creamer. I can’t start the day without my one cup!

Lunch 12:00 p.m.:

These lentil crackers are awesome! I can’t remember the name, but I’m sure if you did a search online you could find a variety of brands that will work! They’re crispy and delicious. So half was used here for lunch, to scoop extra noms of chili.

Snack 2:30 p.m.:

The other half of the lentil crackers were my snack with a wedge of Laughing Cow Light. I had forgotten how much I love those little cheese wedges! At only 35 calories per wedge, you can eat it with crackers, apples or pretzels.

I also made sure to have one thing throughout the day:

TEA! I love this Vanilla Comoro tea. It helps suppress the hunger pangs that usually come back around 5 p.m. before dinner time. But Wednesday nights are weekly dinner night with my friend Kelly and trivia!

Dinner 7:30 p.m.:

She and I went to Cafe Felix, a little French bistro in town. They completely changed their menu from what was online and now they actually have a vegetarian section. I was so, so happy. I started with a cup of the tomato basil soup.

I was also extremely happy to know that this soup was vegetarian and wasn’t made with chicken broth or stock. It’s the little things :) My main course was a no brainer. When I saw it on the menu, I just had to get it.

I did have zucchini and other yummy green veggies in the ratatouille so that was partly green ;)
So now, here are some highlights of eats from the rest of the week:


REB and I had a date night on Thursday and decided to go to Seva, one of our absolutely favorite places in town to eat. It’s completely vegetarian/vegan and most anything on their menu can be made vegan if not already listed. I love this place. We ordered off their weekly special menu to try something different. We started with a few drinks from their juice bar. REB got his usual Solar Blast (citrus and ginger – yum!) and I decided to try something new.

Now if that doesn’t scream loving your greens, I don’t know what will!
Next was appetizer and dinner:

The Eggplant Rotolo was basically veggies layered in slices of eggplant and then rolled up and baked. It was completely vegan (my first time trying vegan cheese!) and it was delicious!  A little TOO much cheese for my taste, but the flavors were intense and awesome. It came with a side of carrot quinoa salad. Yum! REB got the Lasagna Verde, which was basically a Mexican lasagna. It was also really, really good (from what bites I could steal off his plate ;))


Saturday was my drink and tofu day. I made Chai with roasted cardamom (a spin on the usual recipe), a lightened up version of mango lassi and then for dinner, we made tofu Parmesan!


I got up early to get Soup Sunday finished and packed way for my lunches, so that REB and I could spend the day together. We cleaned a bit, watched some TV then decided to run a few errands. While we were out, we were famished so we went to our favorite spot in town for brunch, Cafe Zola. It’s a cafe owned by a Turkish woman and they are known for their brunch. I don’t think we’ve ever been there for anything but brunch! On fall weekends during football Saturdays, you either need to get there super early or be willing to wait up to an hour to be seated to eat. And yes. It’s totally worth it. We actually had a pre-wedding brunch there the day before our wedding as a thank you to our wedding party <3

They have a whole bunch of yummy things on their brunch menu from sweet and savory crepes, to open face omelets, salads, burgers and Challah French toast. But the thing REB and I always get is the Turkish Brunch. Cafe Zola can be kind of spendy, and we feel that this dish is worth every penny and you get the most bang for your buck!

The Turkish Brunch is a plate of tomato and cucumber slices, some whole pieces of Havarti and Feta cheeses, a variety of Greek olives, two hard boiled eggs and grape leaves. It also comes with a basket of different breads and pastries, butter and marmalade. You also get either coffee or tea with your meal! REB just got coffee, but I always get a half pot of Chai when I go there. I think they gave me a full pot though since I ordered the Brunch and opted out of any other kind of tea or coffee. I swear I got about 5 cups of Chai out of that press!! Despite the size of this meal, it’s actually very light. Whenever I get their crepes I feel like it’s not enough and when I get their omelets, you have to roll me out of there. So this dish is just perfect.


For Meatless Monday (which really doesn’t mean much for us since we’re meatless any day that ends in “Y”) we had some leftover pita pockets, marinara and veggies. So we stopped at Whole Foods and get the Yves meatless pepperoni, some grilled veggies from their salad bar and made pizza pockets! 90-calorie (per half) pita pockets, low sodium marinara, part-skim shredded mozzarella, grilled summer veggies, one serving of the meatless pepperoni and baked them up in the oven for 5 minutes = filling and satisfying.

After letting our food settle, we did a quick work out at the apartment complex gym. It was REB’s lifting day so while he weight trained I did some cardio and burned 272 calories on the elliptical (25 minutes going between Level 6 and 8). I sometimes feel discouraged that I don’t burn more calories during a work out, but then I have to keep reminding myself: I don’t eat a lot throughout the day. So any little bit helps! The point is to stay active.

There’s a lot going on this week, so I hope you all stay tuned! I’m still not sure what this week’s Soup Sunday will be…but I have five days to figure that out! Hope you all have a great week :)

How often do you work out during the week?
Do you have work out goals? 


What I Ate [And Indulged Since] Wednesday – #6


Hello my lovelies!

It’s time for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday! Oh how I love Wednesday now. I never had anything against it before, but this is just another perk to the week.

I started up two new things this past week:
Chia Seeds –  I finally bought a little bag from Whole Foods and I’ve been putting them on my breakfast ever since! I’m so glad I finally bought some. All the bloggers I follow rave about how good it is for you, so now is as good a time as any. I’m hoping to find some ways to use them in smoothies and snacks. I started incorporating chia seeds to my new breakfast of champions: lower sugar maple & brown sugar oatmeal, sprinkling of natural granola, sprinkling of chia seeds and some fresh berries!

Soup Sunday – I eat soup every day for lunch. It’s quick, low carb and cheaper than buying soup. I only eat 1 cup and pair it with yogurt or string cheese to keep my protein up and my fat and calorie count down. So I’m going to try to make soups on Sunday and eat them throughout the week. Last week I made the Spiced Vegetable Lentil Soup and by midweek, it was kind of thick so I decided to eat it a different way for lunch:

I brought a 90-calorie whole wheat slimwich from home along with a tablespoon of Priya brand mango pickle. If you haven’t had mango pickle, you don’t know what you’re missing!! It’s a spicy condiment in Indian cooking and is, you guessed it: pickled fruit. It’s so spicy and beats any kind of mayo or mustard. I just spread some on the bun, then scooped some of the lentil soup and had open face sandwiches. Delicious!

I’ve made a weeks worth of soup two weeks in a row. Can I do it a third? Stay tuned!

All right, let’s get to the grub.

On Wednesday of last week I started doing trivia with one of my friends. Her and I do the weekly dinner each week and now we’re doing Wednesday night trivia at the Irish pub in town call Conor O’Neils. It was so much fun! So instead of going some place else for weekly dinner, we decided to just eat there. I was surprised at how many vegetarian options they actually had on their menu. I wanted to try to be good though, so I started with a side salad called the Golden Vale.

It had mixed greens, sundried tomatoes, hard boiled egg, black olives, carrots and then crumbled bleu cheese. I should have asked them to put the cheese on the side or say light cheese. I knew they’d probably put too much on there. It was still good. I got their raspberry poppy seed vinaigrette on the side. I barely needed it. The salad had so much flavor on its own!

For dinner I ordered the Vegetarian Shepherds Pie. Ooh boy. It was “Irish” to say the least. The serving size was huge!

As you can see, I didn’t make a huge dent in it. It was just vegetables and then topped with mashed potatoes that were browned. It wasn’t bad, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. It just didn’t have as much flavor as it could have.

On Friday we met up with another married couple and had dinner and Game of Thrones night. I was SO happy to know my friend Amber and her hubby loved Game of Thrones. We decided we’d all re-watch the first season in preparation for the second season set to start in April. But first came dinner. We met up at Raja Rani, which is my favorite Indian restaurant in town. The other places in town don’t even compare to this place. Her and her hubby got the Dinner for Two deal and REB and I did the same. You get: appetizer sampler, salad, three curries (one meat, two veggie if you want the non-vegetarian variety. We all got veggie though), rice, naan, raita and two desserts. It. was. a. lot. of. food.

To say “Indian feast” is an understatement. They got pakora curry, navaratam korma and channa masala. We got channa masala, mattar paneer and dal makhni. It was all so delicious!

Leftovers on Saturday FTW!
And then on Sunday I’m sure you all saw that I had a cooking extravaganza!

And there we have it! As always, if you want to participate in What I Ate Wednesday, head on over to Jenn’s blog, Peas and Crayons, and find out how you can start!

Happy Wednesday and hope you all have another great week!

What was your favorite thing you ate this week?

What [Veggies] I Ate Wednesday – #4

It’s time for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday! I’m on week 4, which is kind of cool! It’s been nice tracking what I’ve been eating. If this is your first time stopping by and you’re confused about what What I Ate Wednesday means, head on over to Jen’s blog, Peas and Crayons, to learn what it’s all about! She’s having a theme for the month of February to remind us all to eat and love our veggies. Don’t let the picture of the macarons fool you, though. I did eat my veggies this past week, but I didn’t forget to indulge juuuust a little ;) Let’s get to it!

Wednesday night we made some Lemon Grilled Tofu with a Mediterranean Chopped Salad. I found the recipe online and then we modified it a touch for out tastes. It turned out fantastic! I will definitely be making this again – especially in the summer!

I had a few appointments to take care of on Thursday, so I worked a half day. I decided to have lunch at home before I took the bus downtown to the office. Usually when I’m home for lunch, I run across the street to Potbelly for a delicious Chickpea Veggie Salad or Mushroom Melt, but I just wasn’t in the mood for something even that heavy! I wanted to eat something light so I searched our kitchen and found some basil and tomatoes.

A very quick and light lunch! I became very fond of Kalamata olives within the past year and I’m glad I finally gave olives a chance! I used to think they tasted how feet might taste (…don’t ask…) but the saltiness of these particular olives is just delicious!

So that night, REB and I decided to use up the rest of our tofu block and made the General’s Tofu recipe that lives here on the blog.

The only difference this time around is that we made it a whole lot spicier and we also added some mushrooms for more protein. Instead of carbing up with brown rice, I just put all the tofu on a bed of steamed broccoli. Delicious! The fun continued with REB wanting to make a very sweet dessert.

We made the Vanilla Poached Pears that you probably saw on the blog last week. It was so ridiculously sweet, but in a good way, and the syrup lasted a few days! REB ended up buying more pears just to dip into the syrup – ha!

On Friday night, I had the real treat of learning how to make macarons from a French pastry chef here in town. She doesn’t own a storefront, but does sell her macarons and other yummy treats at the farmer’s market and also to a cafe here in town. She also offers amateur and professional classes for anyone interested. And I was interested! I had the best time! You can read more about the experience if you’re curious, but can we just take a second and look at how yummy these look?

We still have some leftover, which is good because I have been wanting one for every day since taking the class – whoops!

So on Saturday REB and I braved the unplowed roads and bitter cold and went downtown. We got some lunch at one of our favorite, new vegetarian restaurants Jazzy Veggie. It’s owned by an Indian family and they sneak in little Indian spices and influences in a lot of their dishes – I love it!
I love living in Ann Arbor because they have at least three all-vegetarian restaurants. It’s awesome but it’s also so hard to choose want I want to eat when there are so many choices! Usually it’s easy to pick something out at any restaurant like the veggie burger, salad, or something with beans (that hopefully aren’t made with lard – ew). But when you go to a place that is all vegetarian or even vegan, my indecisive are taken to the next level.

To warm up, we each got a cup of soup. REB got the black bean which was really spicy and hearty and I got the corn and lentil soup that was sweet but also spicy. It was a nice combination!

For the main course, I ordered their Spicy Southwest wrap which had grilled chick’n and REB got the Grilled Chick’n Caesar wrap. Since we both wanted to try each other’s lunch, we just split the wraps so we could try each kind! Both were so good. Both wraps came with fried plantains, which I ate since REB is allergic to bananas and all banana-type flavors.

I like to think of Saturday as my indulging day. More so than the other days of the week. You might ask why. Well, after this most delicious lunch, I went over to Whole Foods and bought a few little treats so that I could make my own Cafe Garamond at home. Cafe Garamond is what we had in Paris at almost every restaurant. It was just a little dessert plate with three mini desserts and some espresso.

Okay, so my version had four little desserts, but it you can’t deny it wasn’t delicious ;)
So if THAT wasn’t enough indulgence, we met some friends for sushi at my favorite sushi place in town. I bought a Groupon to eat there and my friend AE offered to take my portrait for my photo web site. The snow and cold, however, prevented that from happening, but it didn’t stop me from still treating her and her hubby to a thank you dinner. We’ll still take the picture, but I guess it will have to wait until the warm comes!

One of the problems I used to have with sushi after I gave up eating meat, was that I wasn’t as fond of it anymore. When the only options at most sushi places is a cucumber roll or asparagus roll, you aren’t getting as much protein. And this was also a time when I didn’t care of mushrooms all the time. This place has a great roll called the tofu tempura roll. I got that and the sweet potato roll. I also got one piece of egg. It was so good!! We definitely had a feast between the four of us!

So there’s another highlight of a weeks worth of yummy food! Just you wait until next week. We have more culinary adventures up our sleeves this week and weekend!

For all you vegetarians out there, do you eat sushi?
What’s your favorite kind?

What I Ate Wednesday – #3

WIAW button


So this past week was another good one of eats! Some cooking adventures, some restaurant adventures and of course, the last football game of the season. Actually the latter is the saddest thing. REB and I are crazy football fanatics and it’s safe to say we’re upset that there’s no more football until August. So sad :( BUT! There is a draft and that will be good to watch.

Moving on!

On Thursday I had a craving for a different kind of salty snack and ended up making roasted chickpeas.

I had made roasted chickpeas before, but this time I made them with rosemary and sea salt. They turned out great! I actually think I needed to let them bake for more than 45 minutes so they’d be extra crunchy, but oh well. Now I know!

So then on Saturday I went to my bestie’s house in Royal Oak for a girls night out. It has been forever since I’ve seen this girl (or so it seems) and she and I went out for a night of dancing and drinking at Boogie Fever, a club that only plays 70s, 80s and 90s music. It’s like it was made for us! So anyway before we went out, she made the most amazing light dinner for us.

She made the quickest and tastiest potato soup ever. It wasn’t completely blended or pureed so it still had some texture and the flavor was so good! The fun continued with us getting good and tipsy on beers (for her) and rum and cokes (for me). I meant to get rum and diets and yeah…after the pre-gaming at her house, I kind of forgot about that rule. A big, big thank you to her hubby for being our DD!

The next morning, we were ready for some much needed sustenance. We had our heart set on going to Cafe Muse for some brunch, but without a reservation in a restaurant that holds maybe 25 people, the wait was 1 hour and 15 minutes! We weren’t about to wait that long, so we just walked a few doors down and went to Lily’s Seafood and Brewery for their Sunday brunch. What turned us to this place…?

BLOODY MARY BAR!! And it was only $3/glass!! It was freaking amazing. It was just what our tired butts needed. It’s that whole needing a beer or whatever the day after a night of drinking to feel better. It’s weird, I know, but it works! Trust me. My bloody Mary was a masterpiece complete with celery, bleu-cheese stuffed olive, hot sauce and some horseradish! Om nom nom.

Then to start our meals off, we got an appetizer of waffle nuggets. Oh yes, you heard me right. Waffle nuggets. They were filled with fruit, dusted with powder sugar and came with warm maple syrup!

So onto Superbowl Sunday! It was pizza and dip day. We totally indulged and bought a cheese pizza from Whole Foods and then topped it ourselves before baking it. We topped it with vegan pepperoni, sundried tomatoes and goat cheese and baked it off in the oven. It was SO good! The pepperoni was actually really, really good on it. It tastes kind of weird on its own, but when it crisped up on the pizza it tasted pretty good. I recommend it!

Another thing we made was this cashew-mushroom pâté you probably saw on the blog over the weekend. We got the recipe from the Vegetarian Times. We had some veggies and these awesome thin crackers with it. It was a little more fancy than normal football food, but it was full of protein and had a great nutty flavor from the peanut butter and cashews in it!

We also made Sarah’s spicy black bean and corn dip!! It turned out great! We made it a bit spicier with some chili flakes. I should have done what she did and used hot salsa, but they were out at the store :( Other spice fiends with the same thought on Superbowl Sunday I suppose.

We actually had some leftover, which I used for dinner on Monday actually! So on Monday we made egg salad sandwiches. REB always buys the packaged hard boiled eggs so we took three of them (1 1/2 for each of us), 1 stalk of celery, half a small shallot (didn’t have any onion in the house – gasp!), two squirts of French’s yellow mustard and a splash of white wine vinegar. Then we sprinkled some salt, lots of black pepper and a pinch of paprika on them, scooped them onto a 90-calorie slimwich and it was ready! I also had a small handful of Baked Ruffles (I know, I know!) and more of the dip! I added a little more salsa to the dip for a more tomato-y flavor this time around.

Before I continue onto the dinner I had with my friend last night, I need to share with you my new obsession. I’ve had this tea for almost a month and only just now decided to take a picture with my phone to include in the WIAW’s! It’s Vanilla Comoro tea and it. is. AMAZING.

While I do have a cup of coffee when I get into work every morning, I don’t have more than that. Then I move onto tea if I absolutely need a hot drink without the calories. It’s naturally sweet, soothing and tastes so good! I bought it at a local market in town (a localized version of Whole Foods, called Plum Market) and it was kind of expensive, but it comes with 20 satchel tea bags in it and I just love the little tin.

Oh and also, go State. Kthx.

So last night, I had weekly dinner with my friend Kelly. You might remember me mentioning her when I talked about the dinner before the folk festival two weeks ago. Anyway, we were going to go to the cute little French bistro downtown, Cafe Felix, but they don’t really have any vegetarian items on their menu (but they do have some yummy martinis from what I remember!). So instead, we met up at Prickly Pear, the REALLY good Mexican place in town. I say “REALLY good” because it isn’t one of those Tex-Mex places that just nuke the entire plate under a heater or microwave and the vegetarian plate looks like a plate of beans, cheese and gross rice. Prickly pear uses fresh, unique ingredients and you can tell!



And I’m an idiot for not taking a picture right when the food arrived. It just smelled so good! I ended up getting the two enchilada plate which had one sweet potato and one black bean. I opted out of getting rice and just had a side of black beans. It was really good, but I only ate half and brought the rest home :) Lunch today! The enchiladas were so good though! Normally when REB and I go there we each get a half salad to start and then we split the portabella vegetarian fajita skillet. Good stuff. There is plenty for vegetarians there too, so we love it. I’m glad Kelly is a fan of this place too! It means we might be going there again in a weekly dinner to come!

Oh and just for good measure:


OK, I’m done.
So there we go! A week of eats from our neck of the mitten state! I wonder what this week will hold…

What did you snack on during the big game?
P.S. Did you root for the Patriots or Giants?

What I Ate Wednesday – #2

Here’s the second installment of What I Ate Wednesday!


WIAW button

So the highlights were basically from Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Please excuse the pictures. I took them all with my phone. I just didn’t feel like lugging my camera to all the places we were at this past week. I’ll try to do better in the future. Oh! If you want to participate in What I Ate Wednesday, head on over to Peas and Crayons blog and join in! :)

For dinner on Thursday night, REB and I met up with a friend from high school who also lives in Ann Arbor. The last time we had dinner with this fella was about 2 years ago! So it was long overdue. He had made reservations at a Thai place downtown called Marnee Thai, and we’ve been there before so I was pretty excited. REB and I were good. We each got soup and then split an entree so we wouldn’t over eat!

The soup I chose was the Tom yum hed, a super spicy soup with mushrooms, lemongrass and cilantro. It was incredibly good. They weren’t lying about spice. I don’t think I needed to order it medium, because it was soooo spicy, but I couldn’t stop eating it!

Then for the main dish REB and I split the Tofu pad meng mamuang (tofu with cashew nuts). We got it with the brown rice. It was sweet and nutty (of course) and also spicy since we asked for it a little spicier. We hadn’t gotten this before, so I’m glad we tried something new! There are more things to be tried there ;)

When we got home, I was craving some kind of dessert. Then I remembered that we had bought some Skinny Cow popsicles.

Mint truffle and white chocolate popsicles to be exact. At only 100 calories a piece, these were the perfect chocolate craving I needed to end the evening! I highly recommend almost anything Skinny Cow makes. They’re all low cal and help give you the fix you need.

Let’s move onto Friday.
Most every day for lunch at work, I eat soup. I buy the little cartons of Pacific Natural Foods soups, which have two servings in each carton, and eat that for lunch. So a cup of soup (one serving) every day for lunch. It’s low carb, full of protein and it fills me up! I usually pair it with string cheese, fruit or a half serving of whole grain goldfish crackers. However this past Thursday the soup I had was abysmal. I got a different brand thinking “Well it’s Minestrone! It can’t be bad!” I was ridiculously wrong. It was watery, thin and looked like tomato water with a few carrot bits. I ended up throwing it out.

Working in downtown Ann Arbor has a lot of perks. One of those perks happens to be working across the street from Jerusalem Garden. Hands down they have the best falafel in town. I got the small falafel plate with two sides. That includes two falafel pieces and two sampler sides of your choice. I chose the fattoush and hummus. It also came with one piece of pita, halved. What did it cost me? $5.05 – tax included! You really can’t beat that. It was filling without feeling like too much. Total win.

That night I met my friend Kelly for dinner before she and I went to the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. We saw a number of bands, but the main headliner was Ryan Adams! It was a great show. We’re already making plans to see some of the bands we saw that night, who will be back in Ann Arbor in a few weeks.

Anyway, I met her at a restaurant we both hadn’t been to before: Red Hawk Bar and Grille. We both had a pretty hard week at work so we decided to get some cocktails. We also ordered an appetizer of Halloumi cheese, which came with spiced walnuts, bread and some kind of cranberry chutney.

It was…meh. The cheese looked like chicken and was grilled up and sliced like it, but it was most definitely cheese. It was a little on the rubbery side though and didn’t exactly spread on the bread that well. The cranberry chutney was NOT good. We were both pretty disappointed with that. But the bread, spiced walnuts and our drinks were deeelicious!

For dinner, my friend Kelly got their mac and cheese with crumbled sausage on top. It looked delicious, and I don’t even eat meat. I was happy that this place had a few vegetarian options so I opted to try something unique that I didn’t think I’d find any where else in the city.

I got their potato, feta and poblano taquitos. They were unique and really, really good. I was a little disappointed that they were fried. I should have guessed they would be but it wasn’t stated on their menu that they would be, so I guess I just thought they weren’t going to be fried. The rice was good but I didn’t eat the pinto beans since I’m not the biggest fan of those. The flavors of the taquitos weren’t bad though! There was a smokey taste to them from the peppers and spices they used and then salty from the feta.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. We met up with some of our friends (the friends whose son I just took photos of :)) for brunch on Sunday morning. We went up to a place near their home called Zoe’s House of Pancakes. This place is so good!! They have a lot of sweet and savory crepes, egg specialties and too many options for pancakes. REB got the red velvet pancakes, which were…OH..MY..GOD..oh so good!

I got the Baja Benedict, which was their spin on eggs Benedict. But they were vegetarian! It was a poached egg served on tomato, guacamole, lettuce and English muffin and hash browns. It’s weird. I really hate runny eggs. I always order my eggs scrambled or overhard, but I liked poached eggs. I’ll never order them over medium or over easy and do the whole sop-the-yolk-up-with-bread thing, but poached eggs? Fugettaboutit! I love it. I wish I knew how to make a poached egg, but the idea of having to swirl water and crack an egg scares me too much.

For lunch on Monday I went back to my soup routine as usual. I tried another new brand (I know, I know…) but it wasn’t bad! It was the FIG brand and I got the split pea and potato. The carton said it was lightly salted, but it wasn’t really. Luckily I keep Franks Red Hot in my desk so I was set with the salt and spice factor. What I really need to do is get another bottle of Sriracha and chili flakes in my desk too ;)

This time I paired it with the Frigo-brand light swirled cheese stick (cheddar and mozzarella) and then some yogurt! I need to get my Fage or Chobani because Yoplait really doesn’t compare in terms of flavor, fruit and protein. But you make do with what you got, right? Right. The great thing was my lunch was super low-cal and totally filled me up!

So anyway, there’s a week of eats from my neck of the woods!

So what about you?
Is there is a favorite way you take your eggs?

Are there favorite Thai dishes you absolutely can’t go without when you go out for Thai food?
What is your go-to lunch each day at work or home?

What I Ate Wednesday – The First!

Welcome to my first ever What I Ate Wednesday! I saw this lovely idea from two of my favorite fellow bloggers, Sarah and Andrea. They got the idea from the ever awesome Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. The premise is simple: write a post about what you ate and post it on Wednesday.

WIAW button

I don’t always eat exciting things, but this past Saturday, I feel like we had a nice spread of good eats!

We started the morning off by heading up to Flint, MI to visit one of our really close friends, Amber. She was celebrating her birthday in true fashion: calling it the birthday freakend (celebrating from Thursday – Monday!). We couldn’t make it up for her actual birthday on Friday, so we went up early on Saturday to meet her and the rest of the gang at Flint Crepe Company in downtown Flint.

Now most people in Michigan know that Flint has really run down in the past years due to General Motors closing its plants and people losing their jobs. This place is a true gem and really brings the downtown back to life!

 The place is eclectic and has an industrial feel on the inside. They also feature posters and paintings of local things around town, cyclists, local artwork, etc. It’s awesome!

This is Crepe master Oakland. He was extremely friendly to all the customers, did custom orders and made sure everyone was happy. The entire staff was wonderful and friendly. The best part is that this place uses locally-grown ingredients and can make anything gluten-free or vegan. They also take the scraps of food leftover that people might otherwise throw away and they return it to the farmers for their compost piles.

The crepe company featured lots of savory and sweet crepes. I had my eye on one item I saw on the menu: Samosa crepe! It was like the place knew I was coming. The guy who took my order asked if I wanted it to be extra spicy. Duh! Of course.

This was a good choice in my opinion. It had a dollop of raita on top and came with three different chutneys. It wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked, but it can be hard to satisfy my spice level. It tasted like a soft masala dosa, it was so good! Accompanied by a non-fat vanilla latte, this meal was perfection and a great start to our Saturday.

On our way home, we stopped at a local cafe in downtown Ann Arbor that we found out sold macarons. We had been trying to find a bakery that sold them for a while (since returning from our honeymoon) and weren’t successful. We actually found a place in a nearby city, but we didn’t have time to drive all the way out there. So when I found out this cafe down the street from my work sold them, and the French lady who sells them at the Farmers Market every Saturday morning sold them to the cafe, we tried our luck and went there on our way home. We ended up buying some pumpkin macarons and also some white chocolate raspberry ones. They were also featuring heart-shaped eggnog flavored, but I’m not a big fan of eggnog, so we passed on those.

They were so light and fluffy and extremely flavorful! It was a good snack to have with an afternoon cup of tea. And as you can see from the photo, they were the star of my Project 52 weekly photo (along with Danbo of course). It sure beat trying to make these delicate cookies. The process seemed like a bit more than I wanted to handle for the weekend. One day I’m definitely going to try to make them – when I have time, which is apparently one of the two things you need in order to make these! Time and patience!

So then to continue our faux-Parisian lifestyle, we re-created the warm goat cheese salad we had in Paris. We’d made it once before, but decided to change a few things and try again. We blew it out of the park this time! It turned out even better and the re-vamped version of this recipe is officially the go-to. I’m pleased to see it has gotten some awesome reviews and general interest already!

So there we have it! My first ever What I Ate Wednesday! Hopefully I can keep up with this every week. I already track my food and calorie intake on my phone daily, but this sounds like a fun weekly thing to do to really showcase some good eats when they come along.

I’m actually looking forward to having some good eats this week and weekend too.

Are there any go-to recipes  you rely on? Share them below if I should try it too!