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[Captioned] WIAW [From Mon and Tues] – #11


Hi friends :)

It’s already April! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. Jenn is doing another fun thing for April’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday: an extra cup of veggies! I seem to accomplish this more for lunch, but something is better than nothing. ¬†Deets and info on participating in WIAW at the end of the post!

Here’s a recap from Monday and Tuesday:

We're watching my parents bird, Chibi, while they're overseas. She has a lot of nicknames ;)

Breakfast from Monday and Tuesday


Lunch from Monday and Tuesday

But of course


After-work routine


Monday Dinner @ Jazzy Veggie: veggie "crab" cakes, baked sweet potato fries, chick'n' Caesar wrap (veggie dressing), plantain chips!


Good bangs day:

Yours truly


Tuesday dinner: Ate the delicious bread and some hummus, and my mini fattoush. The actual entree went into a box and came home.


Tuesday workout. 472 calories burned!

I’ve mentioned before how I hurt my ankle years and years ago. And, instead of being responsible and going to a doctor at the time of the injury, I was a dumb teenager who thought it would just heal on its own. Sure, it did heal because I can walk now, but it’s not 100%. Since then I haven’t been able to run for long distances or time without it starting to hurt. I was a smart one :P

I’ve been doing Andrea’s walking-incline-treadmill workout as my primary form of cardio lately since it burns a ton of calories for me and keeps me moving for 50 minutes straight. For some of the faster walking bits, I’ve started jogging since I can’t walk fast at 4.5 mph. Granted it’s a slow run, I was able to run a full 10 1/2-minute mile straight without stopping and without feeling like I was going to die! My ankle started hurting shortly after that, but I was stoked that I took a minute off my past mile time and felt completely revved up the rest of the work out.

This makes me think that maybe I should do the Couch to 5K again. I never did finish it the first time I tried it. But now? I’m more fit now than I’ve ever been, I work out at least 4 times a week as it is, and follow a healthy diet. Maybe I should give it a try and use that as my PT to get my ankle back to where it is! After all, one of the things on my bucket list is to run a race and not feel like I’m going to die a minute into it ;)

So there we have it!
You know the drill! If you want to participate, head over to Jenn’s blog and find out how :)

How have injuries impacted your workout routine?
Any tips from runners on how I can get back to where I was?
Will I ever get back there?