Thai time

I love Thai food. Like…srsly. I love it. I was first introduced to Thai food when I was in high school and had it with my sister and her friends. I hadn’t had any other type of Asian food at the time (except for Indian food, of course) and I was in love from the start. There is something about Thai food that is so amazing. I don’t know if it’s the sauces they use, or the amazing spices they use (and oh boy, do they use a ton of spices!), but the flavors seem to go on and on. I always end up tasting something different in a dish I’ll try.

Unfortunately in Ann Arbor, there aren’t a lot of places I’ll flock to on a daily basis. Although, the ones REB and I love are: Lotus Thai and No Thai. However, Royal Oak is where it’s at. About two years ago, REB and I discovered a placed called Ahan Thai off Main Street in Royal Oak. I hadn’t had Thai food so spicy that even getting “mild” was spicy! It was so good. Their tofu was cooked to perfection, their vegetables were cooked but had a great crunch to it, and their sauce was amazing. I love seeing specks of red pepper flakes in my food. Delicious.

The unfortunate thing about Ahan? We haven’t been able to go back because they’ve never been open. This is what happens every time we try to go there when we’re in Royal Oak. Their hours are simple: 4-10 p.m., or whatever it is. We’ll get there at 4:30 and notice it’s still not open. No biggie, we’ll walk around and go back at 5:30 and it’s STILL not open. Mmmmk, kinda weird. We’ll admit defeat and go eat some place else and as we’re walking back to our car, we’ll notice it’s open! We stop in, ask their hours since we came at 4 when they said they’d be open and this is the response we get: “Ohhh..we were late.”

….. o_O …. Srsly?

Have no fear! Thai on Main is here! We’ve discovered another great place to eat in Royal Oak right on Main St. I’ve never been more satisfied. I love Ahan, but if they can’t honor their business hours, I’ll go to the place that will. I always get the drunken noodle with tofu, and REB gets the Masaman with tofu. If you go there, I recommend getting mild your first time. Getting Medium could be treacherous to your gastrointestinal system. I’m not lying. My coworkers felt the pain of that this afternoon. I like getting mild because I pile the Siracha and other chili paste they provide to adjust the spice level myself. Mmmmm!

Um, not going to lie but I just kinda started drooling even though I’m so full from this afternoon when I ate this stuff. Amazing. Thai food = happy me!

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  1. illumeateight

    Have you had much Indonesian food? I love Thai food as well, but I think Indonesian food is incredible – it has more Indian influences. But you are right about the flavors going on in Thai food – I think Thai and Indonesian food are much more complicated to the palate than Indian food. Reading this has made me hungry! I posted previously as Ishtar – I’m just posting under my blog name now.


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