The Next Andy Warhol

All my friends are different from each other, which is why I love them.

All my friends are artistic in their own way and they all inspire me.

Again, why I love them.

A lot of my friends are artists and have been so generous in giving me pieces of their work, or allowing me to pay for certain pieces of their work. It’s an incredible thing, really.

One of these artistic friends I’ve been friends with for over 12 years. Allan Innman is an amazing artist whose name is humming through the galleries of Oxford, MS and other parts of the south. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been drawing, painting and sketching. But having a mother who is an amazing and well-known artist herself, it’s no surprise the artistic endeavor runs in the family. When I moved away, I was so happy to hear he was still doing art and is now sort of a big deal.

I truly believe he’s the next Andy Warhol. And, I know, every artist is an individual and shouldn’t be compared to other people, but when I look through his work on his website there are some pieces that just seem so mod and circa 1960s. …And Allan, I hope that doesn’t offend you!

His twin sister AI is one of my longest best friends and she was so cool and sent me a piece of his work a few years ago for my birthday.

This piece is called “Earthly Delights” and it’s the only one of its kind.

That is correct. I own the ONLY piece of this work by Allan Innman.

Hey, that might not see like a huge deal to you, but when he’s more famous than he already is, I’ll be the only one who has this. So it’s pretty cool.

I love everything about this piece, especially the burst of color. It just pops and has so much going on in it. But more importantly, it’s so unique. I’ve never seen something like this.

Allan did several pieces kind of like this. But this particular one is a collaged silkscreen on paper. I wanted to make sure to get a close-up of how natural this piece is. Aside from color, I love how textured it is. You can literally see the layers and layers he put into this piece and I’m sure it all tells a story.

“Earthly Delights” for a long time was the only piece I owned by him.

But that all changed when he started his “Back in the Day” movement. He hit a bit of nostalgia and has since been doing pieces of work based on old toys, heroes, TV shows he loved as a kid that remind him of his youth.

I think the idea is brilliant.

And once again, he let me buy one of his pieces and AI mailed it to me.

I am now a proud owner of another one-of-a-kind Allan Innman piece. And it’s of Montgomery Moose.

You might be asking, “Montgomery who?”

Remember Montgomery Moose from the Get-A-Long Gang? Boy, if you don’t, you don’t know what you’re missing!

I used to love this show and I still own this little figurine of Monty. He was my favorite!

Each year in Oxford, they have an art event called Double Decker. Allan, of course, was invited to show some of his work. Consider Double Decker to be the equivalent of the Ann Arbor Art Show (so again, kind of a big deal). I had never been to Double Decker, so I was pretty bummed I couldn’t go. That, and I live 600+ miles away, so I couldn’t see what other pieces of work were being displayed. But his wife graciously took pictures of some of his works and posted them online.

Then I saw what his new work was, and was blown away. I immediately asked him if I could purchase one his works, specifically the one of Monty, and he obliged.

Monty was painted on canvas and I absolutely love it.

You can see the detail and time he put into this piece of work.

He has done such an incredible job to encompass the magic of Montgomery Moose. You can clearly see that this figurine is made of plastic.

The shadows, the colors, the shine from the plastic…it’s so realistic.

Monty and “Earthly Delights” sit happily in my home now in my own little Allan Innman gallery.

The little piece on the right there is actually an invitation AI sent to me for Allan’s show since I couldn’t make it. He had a really important show in a gallery to showcase the Back in the Day pieces. That little invitation card is of an actual painting he did of Teddy Ruxbin. If you want to see the real piece, go here and you can see for yourself how incredibly life-like the painting truly is.

The mini Allan Innman gallery will travel with me every where and I continue to look through his site because I plan to buy another piece some time soon. There is one piece I absolutely LOVE and want to own (he knows which one I’m talking about), but I’ve been slowly but surely saving up the funds to afford it. That piece will be mine, Allan!

Please don’t think that he’s the only artistic friend whose work I love. I love all my artistic friends and can’t thank them enough for sharing their work with me and allowing me to showcase their creativity in my own home.

I’m so lucky to have the friends I have. They inspire me and impress each and every day.

Check out more of Allan’s work at his website! – it’s fantastic!

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