Beast Mode Engaged

Confession: I am officially in love with boxing.


It has seriously become my new favorite way to work out. It’s helping build up my arms and shoulders, keeps my heart rate up by keeping me moving, the warm-up alone is its own workout, and my husband is a hardcore boxer (has been for about 7 years) and knows proper form, stance and intensity. So he’s the perfect coach.


It is not an easy workout but that’s what I love about it! He’s created a workout that lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, and we can up the intensity whenever we feel like it. It isn’t super hardcore like what Pacquio might do, but it keeps me engaged and I love it! He also keeps it fun because if it isn’t fun, I won’t be motivated to do it.


Now let’s talk about Shadow Boxing. Little Miss Jillian doesn’t do it properly. I had never really realized until REB and I were finishing up our warm-up and he said “You’re doing it wrong.” Ha. Shadow boxing is literally that – box your shadow. Find your shadow on the wall, and try to fight it. Duck, move around, practice crosses, uppercuts, hooks. – get ‘em in the kidneys!


He taught me the proper way to wrap my hands (though I’m still not very good and I have smaller hands than normal people apparently), how to stand, and how to keep your hands. He eggs me on during those 5 rounds of 2 minute intervals so I hit it harder, with more intensity and work out harder. It is tiring. You wouldn’t think that, but at the end of round 3, I’m so tired that I have to remind myself “You still have 2 rounds to go!”


I wish we could do this every day, but I know that wouldn’t be good. Like with any workout, you shouldn’t do it back-to-back. The same goes for this since you could really hurt your knuckles or wrist! That would not be good! So I’ve found a great alternative. On the other days when I just do the whatever workout I do, I have been ending it with a speed bag work out.


It’s a good cool down, good way to bring my heart rate down at the end of my cardio work out, but keep my arms and shoulders engaged.

All in all, I’m glad I’ve taken this up. It’s an exercise both REB and I can do together and with his help, I know I’m doing it properly which makes it way more effective! It’s increasing my strength, endurance and most of all: it’s fun! I’m starting to see some definition in my arms and shoulders and REB has noticed it too.

┬áSo don’t mess with me. I’m armed with bag gloves and I know how to use them ;)


Are there any workouts you’re currently doing and absolutely loving?

4 thoughts on “Beast Mode Engaged

  1. sarah @ sarah learns

    dang, girl! good job with the workouts! i’m not sure that i’d get into boxing…although i did take tae kwon do for a couple years in elementary school…

    i’m definitely loving zumba + body pump at my gym! i love that they’re both up-beat classes & that someone else is telling me what to do.

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thanks girl!! I have always wanted to try Zumba! It seems like so much fun. I can dance when I’m at a club listening to a great house DJ, but somehow I think the hand-eye-foot coordination of Zumba would be hard for me :\ lol


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