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Question: how is it already Monday again?? This week is going to be the start of a very few busy weeks that I will have in August. There will be breaks here and there (Coldplay on Wednesday! Work conference in Dallas! Vacation w/ friends at the end of the month!)…but I have to make it through a few busy days and weeks before all that kind of fun can start!

In preparation for all the busy-ness that will soon ensue, I was adamant about having a fun weekend. And a fun weekend, I had! How about we take a moment to talk about it? :)

In the evening after work on Friday, I met Amber and got a much needed pedicure.

I wasn’t sure if a graphite color would look good on me since my skin is on the darker side, but I kind of dig it! I normally get greens and blues, so this was a fun change! Amber also introduced me to these flip flops…that I can’t remember the name of…but they’re so uber comfortable I’ve been wearing them all weekend. We got ‘em at Macy’s, that about all I do know.

She and I made plans to go to the farmers market on Saturday, so that’s exactly what we did. We got there about 8:30 and spent one good hour walking around the market, sipping on lattes and scoping out the goods.

We were both pretty hesitant since the crops weren’t super great this year due to the hot weather and lack of rain, but I was BLOWN. AWAY. by the spread at the market this weekend! You probably already saw the beauties on my Instagram, but here they are again!
I got some awesome loot and a bunch of sunflowers and spent less than $20! I got a whole box of bell peppers (about 5-6 peppers), box of mini heirloom tomatoes, a box of eggplant (three huge eggplant), a bunch of colorful carrots and two ears of sweet corn.

If you see in the picture, I saw some beautiful squash blossoms. I’ve only ever had squash blossoms once during a 7-course vegetarian meal with wine pairing at this restaurant in town, and one of the meals had squash blossoms. It was so delicious! However, I have no idea how to prepare them otherwise I would have bought them :(
If anyone has a recipe they can share, please do! I might go back to the farmers market this weekend and maybe I’ll pick up another box!

By the time I got home, it was about 10 a.m., and I noticed REB was also up! We took full advantage of the beautiful morning by going to a local park and doing a long walk with Gryff. We went to Nichols Arboretum. We go here a lot: the peony festival in May, letting the dog swim in Huron River, sitting in the open field reading, chilling, whatever!

An awesome pre-workout of running through the woods, up and down hills!

I say pre-workout because when we got home, the dog was pooped but REB and I were pumped with adrenaline. He went on a long bike ride (he’s hardcore cyclist man) and I decided to do Jillian Michaels and planks while he was gone.
I moved up in weights and my arms are totally feeling it. Oy!

But it was so totally worth it! I felt so much better after and was more than ready for the delicious dinner we were about to prepare! I prepped all our veggies while REB heated up the charcoal and got the grill ready. I made a quick bruschetta with the mini heirloom tomatoes and then sliced up the veggeis and gathered them together so they could grill, baby, grill!

It was such a beautiful evening, so we dined al fresco on the deck, enjoyed the breeze and the delicious dinner we prepared thanks to locals and mother Earth! /end hippy comment ;) Hey, no wait. I’m not sorry. I love this place! And I love the stuff that comes out of the ground. Shout out and props to the peeps who help make that happen. Buy local! /end plug

Since the vegetables didn’t provide enough protein (for our preference) we just plated them on top of some steamed lentils from Trader Joe’s (now an official staple in our fridge). It was perfect.

After dinner and cleaning up, REB really wanted ice cream. We don’t really have that kind of stuff in our house (I did buy some low-cal fruit and cream bars from TJ’s…but we weren’t feeling it), so we decided to walk up to the Dairy Queen and bring the dog for yet another long walk! But by the time we got up there, I didn’t want ice cream, so I walked across the street to Caribou Coffee to get myself a small vanilla northern lite latte (sugarfree, nonfat) and it totally hit the spot.

We had made plans to get up early to hit up another park in town to do another long walk…but when we got up, the dog was SUPER tired and wouldn’t move. We kept joking that we broke our dog, but he isn’t used to walking 5 miles a day, so we decided to give him a rest. We instead took advantage of the early morning to get some breakfast and run some errands before he went on a bike ride.

We went to a place near campus and the hospital called Angelo’s and it’s supposedly the best breakfast place in town and worth the wait. Well, there wasn’t a line out the door, which was a plus, and we hadn’t been there before we gave it a shot. REB and I are big breakfast people. We have brinner (breakfast for dinner) at least once a week, so we made a deal to try out the places in A2 that are known for good breakfast.

The one thing I can say about Angelo’s is that I’m glad they had some vegetarian options. When I want to splurge, I always get eggs florentine or vegetarian eggs benedict. So when I saw portobello benedict on the menu, I knew I had to give it a shot. I have to say….I was kind of disappointed. You can see from the picture that it was overly doused in the hollaindaise sauce. Once you scraped all that off, the ‘bella was flavorful and full of meatiness and the eggs were poached perfectly! Instead of using English muffin, they used some homemade wheat toast, but it was just too filling, I didn’t even finish the one half of it!

Needless to say, it was good…but we probably won’t ever go back. It wasn’t the best breakfast I’ve ever had and I don’t think it’d be worth waiting in line during the fall when they get really busy, just to get something from there. Glad we went, though! Another check off the list ;)

After breakfast, we ran by Trader Joe’s and  to the bike store and tried out a few bikes! I’ve been wanting a bike for a long time. REB is a road cyclist (I call him hardcore cyclist man Lance), and he rides 30-45 miles as often as he can. He really should do a race, but he doesn’t do it for that purpose. He does it to zone out, work out and enjoy the outdoors. I love it! So we checked out a few bikes for me. I quickly realized I didn’t want a road bike. While that’s his thing, I knew it probably wouldn’t be mine. So we looked at some hybrids for me.

Confession: I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 7 years old. Read: 22 years. I was scared to test some of the ones I did. But I did it…and I remembered how it! The saying is true! Learning to ride a bike again is just like riding a bike ;)

We figured out that a medium frame was good for me, but I need a very low step up and a seat that’s pretty low. I wasn’t comfortable using the pedals to push off and get going. I felt much better sitting on the seat, getting the feet adjusted on the pedals and then pushing off. Maybe that’s how my dad taught me to ride all those years ago?? Oh well. So next step: find a bike and purchase it!

We ended our Sunday with a delicious dinner of leftovers! We had roasted the corn the night before, shucked it and stored it in the fridge. I added some black beans, avocado, lime, red onion and peppers, s&p = easy peasy black bean and corn salsa! It was pretty delicious with some veggie & flaxseed tortilla chips from TJ’s!

For dinner we just took one of the loaves REB bought, sliced it in half, spread some herb goat cheese on half, layered leftover grilled veggies, then used the panini press to make a most delicious sammich!

Ended the night with the Olympics and getting ready for another week!
Like I said, a most relaxing weekend and just what I needed to get ready for the busy days ahead of me. Small goal: make it to Wednesday for the concert! Woo!

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

12 thoughts on “Just like riding a bike

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I didn’t buy them because I didn’t know what TO do with them! :-[ if you have a recipe you can share, let me know! I might go back to the market this weekend to pick up some blossoms :)

  1. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    Wow. Your picture from the Farmers Market absolutely blew ME away. You should seriously frame that one!!!!

    The walk in the park is also insanely picturesque – I think I should pinch you to make sure your life isn’t a total dream ;-)

    I have no idea how to make Squash Blossoms, but I ate the most amazing Citrus-Creme filled ones at Pure Food & Wine in NYC and they were unforgettable. I say next time get them & experiment :-)

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Aww you’re too cute, Diana! It’s not a dream life, but I like that REB and I take full advantage of Ann Arbor and all it has to offer :) Mmm that squash blossom you had sounds amazing! It’s so hard to find a recipe that might taste good. It’s a quest!

  2. sarah @ sarah learns

    wow for all of your farmers market finds! i don’t think i could get that much stuff for $20 at the madison market! i’ve never cooked with squash blossoms but i’m always intrigued by them when i see them at the market.

    and lol that you broke gryff. i’ve tried so many times to “break” jake, but it never happens. i swear. that dog has endless energy!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I know, right?! I was blown away by how little I spent and how much we got. Maybe they were being overly generous farmers that day haha. If I ever find a recipe for squash blossoms that are delish, I’ll share it!
      And man! I wish Gryff had more energy. It’d be fun to have a running a buddy. He likes to run for like 2 min. then he’s done. Unless we’re playing fetch.

  3. Valerie

    Love your pretty basket of veggies..so colorful!!! When Brian and I move we will be closer to the Meridian Farmer’s Market so we are excited about that!!! Also – I just love this post…I’m so glad that you had a chance to relax and enjoy a nice weekend with the hubby…you deserve it!!!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      That will be very exciting! I love going to the farmers market. and thanks! I need some relaxation this week too. It’s going to be such a busy few weeks coming up!


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