My Weekend in Photos

I had a very fun weekend, which included the Henry Ford Museum, Lego Architecture, dim sum, Essie nails and a birthday brunch at Cafe Zola. Here’s my weekend in pictures!





How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “My Weekend in Photos

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      You and I share that problem. And I can’t believe how expensive it is at CVS! It’s like $8.29 a bottle! And does that stop me from buying more? Nope. :\ Dim sum is just like a Chinese brunch. Usually you go to a dim sum place and they wheel carts around and you pick and choose which items you want, based on what they’re serving that day. We just got two types of steamed dumplings. They were good! One was stuffed with tofu and veggies, the other was stuffed with edamame!


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