What about it?

Tonight we made Boca burgers, baked potato wedges and corn on the cob.

REB made fun of the way I eat corn on the cob.

I can’t eat a whole corn cob. I’ve never been able to. So I only eat half.

But really, the reason I only eat half is because it’s easier for me to start eating it the way I eat it.

What you are about to see may be disturbing, annoying, lame or what ever else you might think.

“Haters gonna hate” but this is how I eat it.

Yes. I take off every single kernel and eat it individually.

I’ve been eating corn on the cob like this since I was 9 years old.

I’m not kidding.

But there is a reason why I do this. Really. Honest!

If I eat my corn this way, I get a perfectly clean corn on the cob, which is important because it makes my world at peace.

The entire cob is square-like, perfectly clean and the only pieces left are the ones that didn’t cook properly. No guts on it, no stringy mess left on the cob, nothing. Yes, I realize it will be thrown out into a compost pile or the garbage, but it still makes my world come to peace if eaten this way.

I realize I’m OCD about certain things.

I should probably seek therapy.

3 thoughts on “What about it?

  1. Carriep


    It’s not just you, by the way.

    My husband has perfected a corn on the cob method that ensures a scoured cob but lets him eat it teeth-to-corn.


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