What I Ate Wednesday – The First!

Welcome to my first ever What I Ate Wednesday! I saw this lovely idea from two of my favorite fellow bloggers, Sarah and Andrea. They got the idea from the ever awesome Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. The premise is simple: write a post about what you ate and post it on Wednesday.

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I don’t always eat exciting things, but this past Saturday, I feel like we had a nice spread of good eats!

We started the morning off by heading up to Flint, MI to visit one of our really close friends, Amber. She was celebrating her birthday in true fashion: calling it the birthday freakend (celebrating from Thursday – Monday!). We couldn’t make it up for her actual birthday on Friday, so we went up early on Saturday to meet her and the rest of the gang at Flint Crepe Company in downtown Flint.

Now most people in Michigan know that Flint has really run down in the past years due to General Motors closing its plants and people losing their jobs. This place is a true gem and really brings the downtown back to life!

 The place is eclectic and has an industrial feel on the inside. They also feature posters and paintings of local things around town, cyclists, local artwork, etc. It’s awesome!

This is Crepe master Oakland. He was extremely friendly to all the customers, did custom orders and made sure everyone was happy. The entire staff was wonderful and friendly. The best part is that this place uses locally-grown ingredients and can make anything gluten-free or vegan. They also take the scraps of food leftover that people might otherwise throw away and they return it to the farmers for their compost piles.

The crepe company featured lots of savory and sweet crepes. I had my eye on one item I saw on the menu: Samosa crepe! It was like the place knew I was coming. The guy who took my order asked if I wanted it to be extra spicy. Duh! Of course.

This was a good choice in my opinion. It had a dollop of raita on top and came with three different chutneys. It wasn’t as spicy as I would have liked, but it can be hard to satisfy my spice level. It tasted like a soft masala dosa, it was so good! Accompanied by a non-fat vanilla latte, this meal was perfection and a great start to our Saturday.

On our way home, we stopped at a local cafe in downtown Ann Arbor that we found out sold macarons. We had been trying to find a bakery that sold them for a while (since returning from our honeymoon) and weren’t successful. We actually found a place in a nearby city, but we didn’t have time to drive all the way out there. So when I found out this cafe down the street from my work sold them, and the French lady who sells them at the Farmers Market every Saturday morning sold them to the cafe, we tried our luck and went there on our way home. We ended up buying some pumpkin macarons and also some white chocolate raspberry ones. They were also featuring heart-shaped eggnog flavored, but I’m not a big fan of eggnog, so we passed on those.

They were so light and fluffy and extremely flavorful! It was a good snack to have with an afternoon cup of tea. And as you can see from the photo, they were the star of my Project 52 weekly photo (along with Danbo of course). It sure beat trying to make these delicate cookies. The process seemed like a bit more than I wanted to handle for the weekend. One day I’m definitely going to try to make them – when I have time, which is apparently one of the two things you need in order to make these! Time and patience!

So then to continue our faux-Parisian lifestyle, we re-created the warm goat cheese salad we had in Paris. We’d made it once before, but decided to change a few things and try again. We blew it out of the park this time! It turned out even better and the re-vamped version of this recipe is officially the go-to. I’m pleased to see it has gotten some awesome reviews and general interest already!

So there we have it! My first ever What I Ate Wednesday! Hopefully I can keep up with this every week. I already track my food and calorie intake on my phone daily, but this sounds like a fun weekly thing to do to really showcase some good eats when they come along.

I’m actually looking forward to having some good eats this week and weekend too.

Are there any go-to recipes  you rely on? Share them below if I should try it too!

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – The First!

  1. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    What an awesome first WIAW! I haven’t done one myself yet either.

    That crepe place looks like a true gem, and I’m so happy to see a place like that is brightening the city of Flint. Samosa crepe sounds incredible. Any thing you have your eye on to order next time? I have a feeling you’ll be back there soon for more :-)

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      REB got this awesome crepe called the Inside-out egg. They put cheese on the inside and put egg on the OUTSIDE and then cooked it. It looked and tasted great! They also had a Reuben one but we wouldn’t eat that ;) but our friends were raving about it. There was also one called a Knickerbocker that had the classic nutella on the inside :) YUM! We are for sure going back there!


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