What I Ate Wednesday [Er Tuesday] – #13


Wednesday Funday = What I Ate Wednesday!

Let’s get to it! A re-cap of Tuesday’s meals.

It was a bit of a crazy Tuesday morning for us…but I won’t go into details about it.  I couldn’t eat my usual breakfast (boo) but here we go!

I made a great salad of mixed greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, cucumbers, some cottage cheese (as the dressing!) a black bean burger patty and hot sauce! Delish.

No explanation needed:

In the evening, I had a work shin dig and they served us dinner. I filled up on a good sized salad although the toppings were sparse, and the food selections were all carblicious but delicious ;)

The best thing about the party was the open bar. Luckily no one (that I saw) took horrible advantage of that, but we all did have a nice cool glass to enjoy the gorgeous evening!

Spring in Michigan means Oberon season! Om nom nom. I didn’t even finish the whole glass though. Beer is just too heavy for me now :\ Oh well.

So yeah! Not the most exciting day, but still a pictorial journal of all the eats! Head over to Jenn’s blog if you want to join the party!

Update on Couch to 5K: it’s going well! I’m on week 2, feeling good and and ankle is feeling good. I’m still trying to find a comfortable pace and maintain good form, but I know as the days/weeks of the program go by, that will hopefully develop! So far so good though!

Are any of you out there runners? Any tips for me?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday [Er Tuesday] – #13

  1. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    Does this mean you didn’t have breakfast? Sad Face.

    Mike and I are hooked on this show “Workaholics” (totally inappropriate show – so hilarious) and one of the characters has your mug!!! Mike pointed out how awesome the mug was and I was like “oh!!! Aparna has that mug!!!”. So your mug is famous :-)


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