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Hello hello!!

What a fun weekend I had last week. I will most definitely post the pictures and a post with the details from the fun weekend REB and I had in Chicago! I wish there was more of that weekend. I also think I had a little too much fun. Is that even possible though? Really? Probably not.

So for now, how about I give you a look at what I ate earlier this week?

Be sure to join the party at Jenn’s Blog over at Peas and Crayons to have some fun with us! And don’t forget the theme for June: Sensible Snacking!


And I can proudly say I have been snacking pretty well so far this month :)

This weeks pictures brought to you by Monday. Monday: You usually have a bad case of them lying around.

I broke my fast (a little Game of Thrones for ya :)) with my usual coffee with sugar free creamer and Splenda and also had a bagel thin with 1/2 serving of light garden veggie cream cheese.

Decided to change it up from the usual Nutrigrain bar and/or oatmeal and have some carbs and deliciousness for a change. It’s just what I needed to wake me up!

For my mid-morning snack, I WAS going to have yogurt, but my butter fingers decided it’d be more fun to drop it on the ground thereby making it a not-so-mid-morning snack. Troll.

I had a two hour meeting that went on during lunch on Monday. These types of meetings have their perks: the company usually orders in lunch. The con? It’s usually something kind of unhealthy, though probably delicious. They ordered some noodle bowls from Noodles & Co., but I opted to eat what I brought and get back on track from the uber fun weekend. Healthy choice, people!

I realized halfway through my lunch I forgot to snap a picture, so I apologize. I had a bagel thin with mustard and three slices of Peppered Tofurkey. I’ve never been a big tofurkey fan, but I do remember loving cajun or peppered turkey when I ate meat. So I decided to give this flavor a try, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how yummy it is! Good to have on hand to throw on sandwiches or salads! Alongside, I had 1/2 cup of low sodium, 2% cottage cheese and a whole lotta black pepper. Yum!

My afternoon snacks lately have been in the form of fruit.

Not just any fruit though.

I don’t know if it’s just a good season for them, or luck, but I keep getting the best-tasting bunches of grapes lately! They’re so crunchy, firm and pop in your mouth. So sweet and delicious! Thanks to Sarah, I’ve furthered the obsession by freezing them. Mind. Blown.

So for dinner on Monday, REB and I wanted some Thai food so we headed to Lotus Thai. I love this place. They have an entire section of the menu for vegetarian apps, soups and entrees! WIN. We weren’t terribly hungry and had furniture shopping on the agenda, so we decided to do something quick. We got some tofu spring rolls to start and then split an entree with brown rice.

But the real winner of the meal were the soups we got. I got the Tom yum poh tak tofu, which is this uber vegetarian spicy broth with tofu, lime, mushrooms, lemongrass and rhizome.

Holy hell. My lips were burning, it was so spicy! It was already spicy, but then I ordered the spice level to be medium, which probably not the best idea. Nonetheless: it was one of the most delicious soups I’ve had!

So there you have it: a look at eats from Monday!

As I said, I will have a post about the Chicago trip up soon! I mostly need time to download the images from the fancy cam to computer, edit photos, blah blah blah. Y’all know the drill.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!’

Do you like Thai food?
What’s your favorite thing to order?
Do you order it spicy? 

8 thoughts on “More Weekend Please

  1. Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    So sad I missed you in Chicago but I can’t wait to hear about your trip – I am sure you had some truly amazing veggie food & fun :-)

    I also haven’t tried the peppered tofurkey yet but I almost always have tofurkey slices on hand. I love to eat them after the gym rolled up with some mustard inside – no bread needed!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I was going to text you to see if you wanted to meet up, but it was such a busy weekend! It would have been cool for you and Mike to meet our dog lol :) Next time for sure! <3 I need to get off my lazy butt and actually write the post. It’s been a week now!

  2. sarah @ sarah learns

    oohhh, i’m glad you’re loving the frozen grapes! aren’t they delicious? they’re perfect on hot days. :)

    i am very impressed that you ate your packed lunch instead of noodles bowls. it’s tough for me to pass up noodles!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      I’m ridiculously obsessed with them being frozen now, so thank you!! Just puts a fun twist on an every day snack :)
      It would have been harder to eat my packed lunch if they had ordered Noodles & Co. mac and cheese. When I was a lot heavier, that was a total vice for me…with lots ‘o’ sriracha on it! Glad they didn’t order that haha.

  3. Andrea @ Onion in My Hair

    You always have the cutest mugs! I have one lone white IKEA mug at work – must branch out.

    I’m glad you mentioned the peppered tofurkey – I’ve wanted to try it because I miss eating sandwiches!! But, was never too sure…I’ll pick some up now!

    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Thanks chica! I have TOO many mugs I think :-X
      Definitely try the tofurkey! I don’t use 5 slices like the serving size suggests, so I use three. Seems to work just fine for me :) Even when I ate meat I didn’t eat the suggested serving size of deli slices – it was always too much!


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