What A Week!

When people tell me their summers get busy, I used to laugh. My first thought was always, “How could they be busy?! It’s summer! You just gotta relax, man.”

I’m a judgmental fool. I now understand why people say such things. It feels like now as summer is ending, I’m getting busy. What was happening the first two months?!

So last week has been one of those weeks where I’ve had something going on every single day after work and the same can be said for each weekend for the month of August.

P H O T O S !   I swear it’s been a slow year for me. I don’t always go into a year assuming I’m going to book a bunch of sessions. I have a full-time job and while I’d love to make the photog thing my full-time job eventually, I take what I can get when I get it! My friend with whom I assist photographing weddings had smaller ones this year that didn’t require needing an assistant, and so many of my clients are already married and have already hired me for family, baby, maternity, etc. portraiture.  I now have 5 sessions lined up for the month of August. I’m not complaining of course, but I will be a lean, mean editing macheen! I also can’t wait to share some sneak peeks from those sessions, which all you lovelies can view on the Facebook page!

If any of you follow along with my Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll know that on Tuesday I participated in a little thing called Lessons from the Lemonade Stand. A few months ago, my friend Andrea, who I go to the hot vinyasa class with, suggested to our instructor Dominique that it’d be cool to do a class to Beyonce’s Lemonade album. So it finally happened!! Andrea has the best ideas. She’s the one who suggested we flow to Janet Jackson one class, which was one of the best classes. I knew Dominique would deliver an awesome flow for us! On top of that, her mom, who owns a local juicery, brought homemade juice and lemonade for after – with no added sugar.

Dominique and her mom with that incredible juice!

Dominique and her mom with that incredible juice!

Let me tell you: it was a hard class, too. Domnique’s class is probably one of the harder and more advanced classes offered at the studio, but this was no joke. It was longer than the usual hour, and her brother (in the back of that photo), recorded it while we were flowing and taking formation! We ended the class with some dancing too and just had fun. So while I was a sweaty mess (no surprise there), I was so sore the next day so I know she worked us real good!



The next item on our week-of-busy-ness was attending the grand opening for a new events space in town. The Zingerman’s franchise is a household name here in Ann Arbor and quite famous in certain parts of the country, too. They own several businesses: bakehouse, creamery, roadhouse, deli, coffeehouse and now an events space you can use for weddings, parties, etc.

My coworker and friend told me about the new Greyline grand opening and since it was a free event, I signed up for REB and I to attend before it sold out! The new event space is located in the old Greyhound Bus Depot that has been remodeled. It’s attached to the newly built Marriott hotel so it can be used in conjunction to weddings and such. The space is beautiful! Their previous events space was cozy and intimate with exposed brick, long tables, dim lighting, etc. This new space is modern with a big, open floor plan, dark wood floors, tons of big windows letting in natural light, beautiful, artistic-looking hanging light fixtures, tall ceilings – it’s just wonderful! We had a smorgasbord of food to try and two drink tickets and boy did we get our fill of everything!


• Assorted Zingermans breads (a fruit/grain bread and their famous sourdough)
• Assorted cheeses (most was from their creamery)
• Eggplant caponata with capers and peppers
• Blueberry and peach cobbler w/ crumble topping
• Sangria (they also had mock sangria for the kiddos)
• Curried popcorn
• Assorted meats (my friend ate that)
• Not pictured: watermelon and mint salad


It was a great event and I’m so excited for them to have this new space! Congrats to Ari and everyone at Zingerman’s!

My company’s annual summer picnic also took place this week, which is a great way to get out of the office and enjoy the weather (read; HOT MICHIGAN WEATHER) for a few hours and get out of the office. We once again had it at this huge farm/orchard which has a petting zoo, wagon rides, mini golf and more. It’s great because we can bring our families to the picnic!

Later in the week was our going away dinner for Amber since she was leaving for Colorado on Sunday (emotional mess over the weekend, lemme tell you). We treated her to her favorite wood-fire pizza place downtown so she could get her fill before leaving the mitten state. It was a sad, but wonderful send off and I’m glad her close Michigan friends could drive into town for it!

IMG_6125 IMG_6126

Ride or Die

Ride or Die

The week ended with seeing BT in Detroit Friday night! The first time I saw him live was in Chicago at Vision for my 21st birthday and my sister and BIL got us tickets to see him. It was Halloween weekend and I dressed up like Parvati Patil from Harry Potter (not thinking then that I looked like a hoe-ish Catholic school girl /facepalm) and even got to meet him! He signed my Ravensclaw tie and also my shirt, which was pretty superb. The next time I saw him was a few years after that when he rolled through Detroit after his Emotional Technology album dropped. Another fun show, but since then, I hadn’t heard much about what he’s up to! But then I saw he was coming back to Detroit and it was only $10 to see him – I jumped at it!

Top that week off with another busy weekend and now we’re already into the start of a new week. Here’s hoping I have a less-than-busy week, despite having some busy weekends ahead of me.

Happy Monday!

What are you favorite ways to keep your summer fun?

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    1. Aparna B. Post author

      Those wtf moments are sometimes the best from yoga!! Glad your summer has been good for you! I’ve enjoyed catching up in your snaps!! :) Happy weekend, chica!


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